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Data Fabric Meets Cross Cloud at Insight 2016!

It’s that time of year when thousands of NetApp enthusiasts converge in Las Vegas for the annual NetApp Insight conference.  With a theme of “Data Fabric Now”, NetApp Insight 2016 offers technical updates on how customers can easily adopt flash and cloud solutions.  Of special interest will be the continued proof points on the complementary visions of the NetApp Data Fabric and the recently introduced VMware Cross Cloud Architecture.

NetApp Insight

Insight 2016 attendees will find that the NetApp and VMware visions are complementary and that the two companies are working closely together to deliver exciting new ways for VM admins, app builders, and DevOps get the most out of shared storage across the hybrid cloud.

For example, NetApp and VMware have simplified the management of ONTAP and SolidFire storage from a vm-perspective using Virtual Volume Technology (VVols).  VVol integration provides a common user experience from on-premises to cloud deployments across all VMware accessed storage, including SAN and NAS, aligned with the VM-centric policy-driven approach first introduced with VMware VSAN.

For attendees, please visit the following sessions to see how NetApp and VMware are working together:

Customers benefit when industry leaders work together.  We look forward to helping our joint customers find the easiest path to the hybrid cloud with the NetApp Data Fabric.


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