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Taking a Quantum Leap in Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with VxRail

How can you streamline your IT infrastructure and lifecycle to create IT certainty in your operations and user experience?

How do you eliminate constant evaluation cycles and update new technology without disruption to continuously innovate and respond to market and user demands?

How do you plan less and innovate more?

The answer? VxRail – the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market.

VxRail is the easiest and fastest way to stand up a fully virtualized VMware SDDC environment and the only 100% VMware-designed and engineered software appliance you can get from VMware.

In the video below, Pete Woolston, Senior Advanced Technology Consultant at EMC, gives you an overview of the power VxRail has to offer.

With VxRail, you won’t have to deal with pseudo-HCI appliances, with proprietary software on top of VMware services. No longer do you have to manually juggle the impact of applications and end-user performances yourself!


Ready to get started with VxRail? Get started here.


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