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vSAN Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Announcing the New IDC Virtual SAN TCO White Paper

Reviewing the Current State of Hyperconvergence and Real World Benefits of VMware Virtual SAN Deployments

This IDC white paper reviews the trends driving organizations to deploy hyper-converged systems within their data centers. It also provides an overview of VMware Virtual SAN and the results of a recent IDC survey of VMware Virtual SAN customers. The survey results offer insights into the most common areas VMware Virtual SAN customers are seeing the benefits of the solution and the amount of Capex and Opex savings experienced.

IDC Paper

From this white paper, you will learn what our customers say is the most important criteria for choosing VMware Virtual SAN, benefits achieved from Virtual SAN like (faster infrastructure/application provisioning, improved utilization of storage resources, improved IT staff productivity etc.) and that customers experienced an average of 32% capital cost reduction from deploying Virtual SAN.

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