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Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode 21 – vSphere-land Top 100 vBlogs

This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast for a community spotlight John and I bring in Eric Siebert to discuss his popular site vSphere-land, the Top 100 vBlogs program and VMworld.  Eric has been hosting vSphere-land for over 10 years and discusses the evolution of the site, the top 100 vBlog program and the voting process.

Every year vSphere-land hosts the top 100 vBlogs program where voters are asked to pick their top 12 favorite blogs and rank them from 1 to 12. Their votes are weighted so a #1 vote is worth 12 points, a #2 vote is worth 11 points all the way down to a #12 vote being worth 1 point. The total points for each blog are then added up to determine the results. You can see all the results here or you can watch the Top 25 Results Show.


Eric Siebert is a Solutions Manager at HPE.  He is a proficient blogger and passionate member of the IT community. Eric hosts the site vSphere-land with excellent blog posts and aggregated lists of VVols, VSAN, vSphere and even other vBlogs. He also hosts the annual Top 100 vBlogs program.  Follow Eric on Twitter @EricSiebert.

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