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vVols Reloaded – Making Backups Better Than Ever Using Virtual Volumes

In today’s edition of vVols Reloaded we look at a VMworld session from George Winter and Abrar Hussain of Veritas with Narasimha Krishnakumar of VMware. In this VMworld session they compare performance of vVols and VMFS when protecting workloads. This session goes to a good level of detail on how snapshots are offloaded with Virtual Volumes and the performance benefits of doing this.

This session is full of some great benchmarking results.

At 36 minutes into the session, the overall comparison in backup times is reported.


As 42 minutes, we can see how the number of snapshot errors are kept low when backing up virtual volume based VMs.


At 46 minutes into the session, we can see some of the snapshot deletion improvement results that help to reduce the overall snapshot time:


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