Virtual SAN 6.2 Performance with Online Transaction Processing Workloads Performance Study

OLTP Workloads

This white paper examines the performance of Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications with Virtual SAN 6.2. The OLTP applications, which model an online retail store and a brokerage house workload, involve a large number of client transactions. The performance of such workloads are crucial to businesses such as banks, airlines, and retailers. Overall, Virtual SAN 6.2 performs well and provides stable and consistent I/O capability to the two OLTP workloads. Furthermore, tests show that Virtual SAN 6.2’s space efficiency features provide substantial disk space savings and can significantly reduce customers’ storage costs per gigabyte (GB). Lastly, Virtual SAN 6.2 performs well during source failure with only a small drop during recovery.

Virtual SAN 6.2 Design and Sizing Guide

Design and Sizing Guide

This document focuses on helping administrators to correctly design and size a Virtual SAN cluster, and answer some of the common questions around number of hosts, number of flash devices, number of magnetic disks, and detailed configuration questions to help to correctly and successfully deploy a Virtual SAN.