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VMware Validated Design with Virtual SAN and NSX Running High Workload Oracle 12c

This blog originally appeared on the vSphere Blog and was authored by Don Sullivan

VMware Validated Design for an All-Flash Virtual SAN with NSX Running High Workload Oracle – A VMware, Intel and Quanta Project from Principled Technologies


The rigorous process of following a VMware Validated Design (V2D) to build a Business Critical Applications (BCA) database architecture was made more interesting by focusing on Virtual SAN and NSX on Quanta Hardware with Intel SSDs. On this All-Flash architecture, we chose to run the Oracle RDBMS version 12c under high workload using the formidable workload generator known as the “Silly Little Oracle Benchmark” or “SLOB”. Six compute nodes were concurrently loaded with the SLOB tool which generated an extreme workload that would be highly uncommon in any practical customer environment. The details are available in the full report linked below, but it should be noted that at 200k IOPS the read latency averaged 5ms. This was truly a BCA workload and this is an effective BCA architecture.

The functional testing was even more impressive. All 6 compute nodes were transitioned through a vMotion under the load referenced above to a secondary site running an equal workload to simulate a full site evacuation in just over 8minutes. True VMware classic functionality under heavy BCA-Oracle workload on an All-Flash VSAN leveraging NSX. The SDDC can be considered complete for high workload BCA applications and Databases.

Principled Technologies Report

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