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Micron Accelerated Solutions for Supermicro Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

This morning Micron Technology, Inc. unveiled their new set of solutions including an exciting collaboration between the VMware Virtual SAN team and Supermicro to create Micron Accelerated All Flash Virtual SAN Ready Nodes.  Here are the highlights:Micron M510DC

  • 40x the IOPs and bandwidth, with as low as 1/40th the latency
  • As low as $0.44/GB all flash (effective capacity)
  • Features M510DC 600GB SSDs – Micron engineered and tuned specifically for Virtual SAN caching tier– read more


Micron hasMicron Solid Ready partnered with VMware early on to bring to market and feature all-flash Virtual SAN capabilities.  Their familiarity with the Virtual SAN caching architecture has allowed them to design a right-sized drive for best performance in an All Flash Ready Node and their partnership with Supermicro allows for the optimal price for customers ready to embrace the mainstream all-flash configuration in their data centers. If you’re not sure about when to make the jump, be sure to check out John Nicholson’s thoughts on “The Road To All-Flash VMware Virtual SAN”.  At $0.44/GB, Micron makes the trend of falling SSD prices a reality that customers can have in their data centers.

Skip Bacon, Vice President for VMware Storage & Availability Group joined Micron for their launch in Austin today and shares his thoughts on this exciting announcement:



With the Micron Accelerated Solutions for Supermicro Virtual SAN Ready Nodes, customers get an initial low upfront investment followed by a continued low investment as they take advantage of Virtual SAN grow-as-you-go scaling at twice the capacity for less than the cost of a typical legacy array over a 3 year period. Get the full details on the Micron Accelerated Solutions for Supermicro Virtual SAN Ready Nodes — download the brief and watch the full Micron launch recording.

Even more exciting is that all of this is orderable today!  Check out the three Micron Accelerated Supermicro All Flash Ready Nodes AF-4, AF-6 and AF-8 listed on the Virtual SAN Hardware Compatibility Guide.

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