All-Flash Virtual SAN for VDI with Brocade vTM

VMware, Brocade, and Broadcom have updated the previously published reference architecture to showcase the optimal All-Flash Virtual SAN for VDI solution using Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager.
Brocade_vTM_VDI-2 – Image courtesy of Brocade

Cost-Effective Performance and High Availability

In this reference architecture, we demonstrate how to design an ultra-fast, cost-effective VDI infrastructure using VMware Virtual SAN combined with the fast storage IO performance offered by SSDs. Based on Horizon View and Virtual SAN with an all-flash architecture (Virtual SAN 6.0 supports the use of flash-based devices for both caching and persistent storage), this reference architecture uses a write-intensive, high-endurance caching tier for the writes, and a read-intensive, cost-effective flash device tier for persistent data storage.

The combination of Virtual SAN and flash-based storage deliver a high-performance, highly resilient scale-out storage platform at a compelling price point. Solutions based on this architecture can help organizations build a virtual desktop infrastructure with non-stop access to desktops, streamlined application updates, stronger data security, and a high-fidelity user experience.

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Reposed from the VMware Developer blog by Abid Saeed.


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