EMC World Las Vegas 2017
Technology Partners Virtual Volumes (vVols)

Virtual Volumes at EMC World

EMC world is coming up quickly and will be held in Las Vegas from May 2nd to May 5th. This year there will be plenty to talk about for Virtual Volumes. In December 2015, the EMC VMAX team became the first EMC array to deliver certified support for vVols and the VNX team have also launched their technical preview for Virtual Volumes with the EMC VNX Virtual Appliance.

EMC World Las Vegas 2017

The schedule this year includes some interesting sessions for both the VMAX and vVols platforms that have been listed in the public session catalog:

Next Gen VNX Virtualization Integration

This session discusses new virtualization solutions and technologies about storage provisioning and operational models, and other virtualization capabilities available with the new midrange platform. This session also discusses the benefits of Virtual Volumes (vVol’s) and Storage Policy Based Management in the datacenter, the salient differences in the way storage services can be represented, and policy based storage provisioning methods.

Next Gen VNX & Virtual Storage Appliance Technical Review

Our new virtual storage appliance (VSA) delivers unified block, file, and vVols data services atop standard VMware ESX servers. The VSA can be used in situations where additional buying a secondary hardware appliance is cost or space-prohibitive and provides a great hands-on learning opportunity.  Find out how you can use the VSA in your environment for a number of use cases including:  test/dev, ROBO and departmental enterprise.

VMAX: Introduction To Using VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols) On VMAX

This session provides an overview of vVols, a new VMware technology intended to simplify the management of Virtual Machines on storage. It describes the benefits of running vVols on a VMAX and show a demo of how Storage and VI Admins can manage vVols.

If you have not yet registered for EMC World you can register now, the session catalog is also available online.


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