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Virtual SAN 6.2 Certification & Compatibility Guide Update

The Virtual SAN product team is pleased to announce a number of changes to Virtual SAN Compatibility Guide (VCG) with the release of Virtual SAN 6.2. Following is the summary of changes:

  1. Virtual SAN Ready Nodes: Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and components (I/O controller, PCIe/NVMe, SSD, HDD) that are listed on Virtual SAN VMware Compatibility Guide and certified on earlier releases will carry forward to Virtual SAN 6.2. Virtual SAN 6.2 now supports 90+ Ready Nodes from over 10 vendors.  There are some exceptions that are still under certification, please check Virtual SAN VMware Compatibility Guide for more details.



  1. Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator: We have introduced a new, sleek and simple Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator tool to help guide picking a Ready Node from your OEM of choice and download the configuration in a PDF. The tool is intended to be a quick start guide for customers and sales teams.  The full blown Virtual SAN VMware Compatibility Guide is available for advanced users/options.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.36.15 PM


  1. TCO and Sizing Calculator: The Updated TCO & Sizing Calculator has been updated to include new storage efficiency features in Virtual SAN 6.2 for sizing & TCO calculations.



  1. ESXi Pre-Installed Options: The Virtual SAN VMware Compatibility Guide now provides options to filter and select Ready Nodes that are offered with ESXi Pre-installed at the factory. In addition, some Ready Nodes also come with ESXi pre-installed as a “Build to Order” option.   As we continue to expand our Ready Node offerings, these new options will provide customers more flexibility around pre-installed software, licensing and support model of choice.


If you have any questions on hardware certification, please contact


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