Have you watched the launch event, checked out Rawlinson's latest webinar and reviewed many of the Virtual SAN 6.2 blog posts like this one, this one and this one?

Fantastic! Now, let me take you back home to  For our Virtual SAN 6.2 launch, the team has made some very useful new tools and page updates to help you learn, evaluate and assess Virtual SAN for your environment. Below is a quick tour of what’s new.

Getting Started: 

Blog-Getting Started

An applicable place to begin our tour. This new page highlights different ways to evaluate Virtual SAN based on your environment needs and allows you to learn at your own pace. We offer self-paced as well as guided options to let you get started with Virtual SAN. Some of the resources highlighted on the page may already be familiar to you.  Here are ones we recommend you check out:

This is our lightest weight technical demo series to explore the core features of Virtual SAN. It works great on mobile devices as a quick reference.

blog-product walkthrough

If you would like narration and more details on Virtual SAN features and common workflows, then this YouTube playlist of 3 minute Virtual SAN videos is for you.

Blog-VSAN 3min

The last item on the getting started page under "Learn with Us" is the 3-day Virtual SAN course where administrators will learn how to install, configure and manage a Virtual SAN environment.  This course is offered by VMware certified instructors and providers in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish languages in online classes as well as, when scheduled, in-person classes around the world.

Customer Stories:

Blog-Customer Stories

Over 3,000 customers across industries around the world are using Virtual SAN.  We’ve created a new page to keep you up to date on their Virtual SAN stories!


Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator:

A brand new tool available on is the Virtual SAN Ready Node Configurator. You may already be familiar with the Virtual SAN hardware compatibility guide. This new tool uses the same underlying Virtual SAN Ready Node information, but adds a wizard on top to help you easily find the right Ready Node for your environment.

Blog-RN configurator

On Step 2 you're asked to select a Virtual SAN Ready Node profile. If you're not familiar with these profiles, go ahead and use the profile wizard to identify which profile meets your compute, memory, storage and I/O latency requirements.

Blog-RN wizard

After completing the five steps, use the 'Download Configuration' button to get a PDF of the Virtual SAN Ready Node bill of materials (BOM) and SKU to order from OEM partners and resellers.

Blog-RN step 5

Once you’re done exploring the new Virtual SAN tools and pages on, the next step is try out Virtual SAN! The Virtual SAN Hands-on-Labs gives you an opportunity to experiment with many of the key features of Virtual SAN. To find out where Virtual SAN would fit in your environment, sign up for a VSAN Assessment. This free, one-week analysis can reveal where Virtual SAN can reduce cost, eliminate complexity, and increase your agility. Sign up today on the new VSAN Assessment page!