Increase Performance with the Dell PowerEdge FX2 and VMware Virtual SAN

The Dell FX2 converged 2U rack chassis allows customers to incrementally add or swap compact modular building blocks including servers, storage and IO to fit any Virtual SAN environment. Much like Virtual SAN, Dell’s FX2 is designed to deliver more choice, less complexity, and simplify building and management by bringing advanced management technologies to converged infrastructure. Customers can also easily and rapidly scale the resources for any workload and business requirements.

The shared cooling, power, networking, management and PCIe expansion slots in the FX2 chassis service a wide range of server/storage combinations enabling higher granularity and greater efficiency in your IT resource management.

In October, my colleague Rawlinson Rivera blogged about the PowerEdge FX2 capabilities. Recently, Principled Technologies, a trusted leader in independent assessment and testing, put the Dell FX2 and Virtual SAN under a rigorous testing methodology to compare it to 4 HP DL380 Gen7 servers and a traditional external storage array. Click here to view the full report.

The results were compelling: the PowerEdge FX2 utilizing an all-Flash VMware Virtual SAN architecture delivered 2.8 times the performance in database operations per minute (OPM) while only using 8.3% of the actual rack space needed by the HP based solution. Not only did the Dell FX2 perform better, but also was also more efficient and costs less on a database OPM and database performance per watt metric!

Many customers encompassing all industries are moving to the FX2 platform for their business critical workloads (Exchange, SQL, SAP, custom financial applications). This includes large global customers, state and local governments, healthcare institutions down to small and medium business (SMB). They are seeing comparable gains that is described in this paper across all of their applications when leveraging the capabilities of the PowerEdge FX2 and VMware Virtual SAN.


Customers are leveraging the unique capabilities in Virtual SAN 6.1 to build:

  • Multi-Site Stretch Clusters for High Available or Disaster Recovery solutions
  • ROBO Designs for the support of remote offices
  • Horizon View virtual desktops deployments
  • Isolated workload support on ships, oil platforms, etc.
  • A development or management platform for large scale datacenters


The flexibility, choice and ease of use of the PowerEdge FX2 coupled with VMware Virtual SAN combine to make an ideal solution to standardize upon and to protect critical computing investments so IT departments can rapidly change or scale to meet businesses ever changing requirements.


Click here to view the full Principled Technologies report and learn how the Dell PowerEdge FX2 with VMware Virtual SAN can help you meet your organization’s storage needs.



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