Virtual SAN for Security Zones

A security zone, which is also referred to as a “DMZ”, is a sub-network that is designed to provide tightly-controlled connectivity to an organization’s internal IT infrastructure and applications. Security zones are commonly used to bridge and control access to an organization’s external-facing applications from untrusted networks such as the Internet. Security zones are also utilized for classified environments and compliance reasons (e.g. PCI). The primary goal of security zones is adding an extra layer of protection to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. A new solution overview paper is available that details why it makes since to consider VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN for security zones.

vsan-security-zone copy

Ideally, the infrastructure that supports a security zone is self-contained and includes the necessary compute, network, and storage resources with little or no dependency on an organization’s internal infrastructure. VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN provide this hyperconverged infrastructure solution making them an excellent choice for security zones. Click the image below to view and download the VMware Virtual SAN Security Zone Deployment solution overview.




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