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Building DR Data Center One Step at a Time

EL DoradEl-Dorado Couty Logoo County is a rural county in California that spans from the Sierra foothills to the south shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Severe fires brought about by a long-standing drought coupled with risks of earthquakes and other natural disasters made effective disaster recovery strategy a must for the El Dorado County IT organization.


Like with many other local government organizations, El Dorado County IT’s budget is tight.  And like similar IT organizations, it is easier   to justify investing in new features and capabilities than investing in the protection of existing assets. This is where VMware EVO:RAIL shines. The simple to manage, easy to expand and cost efficient EVO:RAIL enabled EL Dorado County to start small, with an intent to expand as budgets and resources permit.


EVO-Rail Logo VMware recently caught up with Jon Henry, Deputy Director of Information Technology at El Dorado County. In the interview, Mr. Henry explains aspects of El Dorado County IT strategy and the reasons why they selected EVO:RAIL for the County’s DR data center.


According to Mr. Henry, ‘EVO:RAIL is a perfect match for the County’s needs because it costs significantly less than traditional data center solutions, it is very simple to manage and it allows for easy expansion.  Because of these features and capabilities, the County was able to place the EVO:RAIL appliance in a remote and minimally managed IT center, approximately 60 miles from the County’s main data center. The County plans to populate the data center with additional EVO:RAIL appliances, making it over time a fully operational disaster recovery data center.


El-dorado ITClick here to watch the interview with Mr. Henry. 

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