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Simplifying VM Storage Operations with Hitachi Solutions for VMware Cloud Automation

In this guest post Dinesh Singh, Solutions Marketing Manager at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), shares how the recently launched/upgraded range of management packs from HDS enhance the functionality of VMware cloud management and automation products.


vRealize Log Insight (vRLI)

Hitachi storage content pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight delivers real-time log management to administrators for intelligent analysis and better troubleshooting across physical and virtual infrastructure.

It makes IT teams more efficient by providing deep visibility to find issues and solve elusive problems. Moreover, it simplifies searching for errors by collecting and grouping information to show important, relevant and useful events.

Additionally, it collects and analyzes all types of Hitachi storage systems related data and provides intuitive dashboards including overview, configuration, security, provisioning, replication and volume. Now IT teams can derive insightful information from larger data sets and correlate events across multiple tiers of virtual infrastructure, cutting down troubleshooting times, reducing IT costs and improving operational efficiency.

Hitachi content pack along with vRealize LogInsight provides automatic alerts, helping IT teams to discover issues and prevent potential issues from proactive monitoring approach. It provides administrators comprehensive view into Hitachi storage subsystems, enabling them to spot potential issues and keep track of components showing departure from normal operation logs. Proactive IT management with help of vRealize Log Insight and Hitachi content pack results into reduced downtime and better application availability. We also launched Hitachi compute content pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight, which collects and analyzes all types of Hitachi compute systems related data and provides intuitive dashboards including overview, power, security, configuration and maintenance. It provides administrators visibility to unauthorized logins, credential misuse, privilege escalations and anomalies to easily identify potential malicious activity.



vRealize Orchestrator

Hitachi Storage Connector is an Orchestrator plug-in that facilitates automation and orchestration of tasks that involve Hitachi Storage (supporting both block and file). It augments the capabilities of VMware vRealize Orchestrator solution by providing access to HDS storage specific workflows. It simplifies the automation of complex IT tasks and integrates with VMware vCloud Suite components, to adapt and extend service delivery and operational management, thereby effectively working with existing infrastructure, tools and processes.

This connector plug-in provides several (127) built-in workflows and actions that can be used by an administrator for higher level workflows to automate storage tasks as shown in picture below. For example, provision storage datastore / LUN workflow, provision NFS datastores, backup SAN datastores or restore storage based VM snapshot that is being hosted on Hitachi storage.



Administrators/ end-users can deploy catalog based self-service backup and recovery services on vRealize Automation Center (vRA) using Hitachi Virtual Infrastructure Integrator.



vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS)

HDS has significantly augmented the capabilities of vROps by making available storage management pack to provide unified comprehensive view of compute and storage stack to operate virtual infrastructure in agile and efficient manner.

Adapter provides performance matrix, end-to-end resource mapping and resource utilization of Hitachi storage components. Detailed resource mapping allows faster issue resolution, proactive monitoring and root-cause analysis enabling IT to respond to business needs. Updates in most recent release support infrastructure that leverage Hitachi Global Active Device (GAD), whether for vSphere stretched storage configuration or customers enabling Hitachi Active Flash in their Hitachi hybrid/all-flash storage configurations.

Adapter provides intuitively consumable dashboards on performance, capacity and top consumers for Hitachi Storage arrays. These dashboards enable VI administrators to gain deep visibility into the state of Hitachi storage components, including performance metrics, end-to-end resource mapping, and resource utilization. You can learn more about this management pack here.

All of above mentioned management packs can be downloaded free of charge from either or VMware Solution Exchange.


To learn more about Hitachi’s solutions for VMware vSphere environments, please visit booth 302 at VMworld Barcelona Oct 12-15 and register for breakout session STO6284-SPO on New Ideas for Simply Better VM Automation, Business Continuity and Data Protection with and without Virtual Volumes.



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