VMworld Recap: Virtual SAN Use Cases and Stretched Clusters

Missed VMworld? Recap two of the most popular Virtual SAN sessions with the slide decks below to learn about common Virtual SAN use cases and stretched clusters.


STO5333 – Building a Stretched Cluster with Virtual SAN

Presented by Rawlinson Rivera (VMware) and Duncan Epping (VMware)


Virtual SAN 6.1 allows the ability to create a stretched cluster between two or more geographically separated sites, synchronously replicating data between sites and ensuring data is never lost. Additionally, Virtual SAN 6.1 stretched clusters further enable the ability for no interruption in operations, even in the event of a complete site failure.

This session reviewed how to leverage Virtual SAN 6.1 to build a stretched cluster configuration in order to expand enterprise capabilities. A stretched cluster on Virtual SAN can provide zero recovery point objective and close to zero recovery time objective for applications.
















STO4650 – Five Common Customer Use Cases for Virtual SAN

Presented by Lee Dilworth (VMware) and Duncan Epping (VMware)


Review the five most common use cases seen within the Virtual SAN install base, including production, management cluster, ROBO deployment, DMZ/isolation, and development platforms. In addition to use cases, common hardware configuration details are provided to deepen understanding of the flexibility Virtual SAN offers.















Click here to learn more about the latest features from VMware Virtual SAN 6.1.




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