vsan-sc-demoSince the announcement of the Virtual SAN Stretched Cluster feature last week at VMworld and the sessions I presented on the topic, the customer responses have been overwhelmingly positive with lots of  excellent questions.

Since then, I have received a number of requests by several folks asking to provide public access to the configuration and complete site failure demonstration I utilized during the VMworld sessions.

There is one thing I would l like to point out about the demonstrations. The demonstration in the “Building Stretched Clusters with Virtual SAN” session that I presented with Duncan Epping was a recorded, but the other demonstration from the “Building Geographically Dispersed SQL Clusters with Virtual SAN” session was live!.Based on the demand, I have decided to post the recorded demonstration of the from the “Building Stretched Clusters with Virtual SAN” session for everyone to see and have access to.

I was able to convince Duncan to channel his inner “Sean Connery” and add a super sexy and soothing voice over on the recording of the demonstration and explain what was going on as well as the recommended configuration procedures for some of the advanced settings.

Well, folks here you have it… the Virtual SAN Stretched Cluster configuration with a complete site failure demonstration narrated by Duncan Epping and produced by yours truly.😀

I want to thank David K Nguyen from Dell for providing me with the PowerEdge FX2 and the Dell S6000-ON Series Switches, and Samsung for all the flash devices for the cluster.

– Enjoy

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