VSAN In 3 Minutes YouTube Series and Popular Resources

3minIt never seems there’s enough time in the day to sit down and learn about something new and exciting — like VMware Virtual SAN. Even a 15-minute demo can seem long!

To make things easier, we’ve started a new video series “VSAN In 3 Minutes” produced by our own Greg Mulholland.  You’ll find them quick, bite-sized and with just enough information to get you going in the right direction.


Also, for your convenience, I’ve included links to the more formal VSAN documentation.

The entire playlist is here: VSAN In 3 Minutes

VSAN In 3 Minutes: Disk Management
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Ruby vSphere Console
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Proactive Rebalance
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Failures To Tolerate
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Repair Objects Immediately
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Resync Dashboard
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Disk Serviceability
VSAN in 3 Minutes: VSAN and vRealize Log Insight
VSAN in 3 Minutes: VSAN and vRealize Operations Mgr (BETA)
VSAN in 3 Minutes: VSAN Observer
VSAN In 3 Minutes: Snapshots


More recent additions:


And, in case you missed it, here are some popular VSAN resources:



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