Do You Need Hardware Guidance to Accelerate Your Virtual SAN Deployment?

It has been 10 months since we released the first set of Virtual SAN Ready Nodes , which are validated server configurations jointly recommended by VMware and Server OEMs to accelerate Virtual SAN deployment. We have been working closely with multiple Server OEM partners to continuously update the list of Virtual SAN Ready Nodes.

The Virtual SAN Ready Node is another great option besides the DIY/Build-your-own option to deploy Virtual SAN, as we had discussed in the past such as in the June 23rd blog.

We have expanded the list from 24 (in June) to 40 Virtual SAN Ready Nodes from eight Server OEMs.


Why should you care about the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes and how do you use them?

RN Benefits

Virtual SAN Ready Nodes provide a peace of mind for you to quickly find validated server configurations that you need from the server brand of your choice.  Alternatively VMware customers and partners have used Ready Node as a configuration template that they can further customize to better fit their needs.

I’d like to share example of two VMware Solution Provider partners that have taken the Ready Nodes one step further to create their own standardized Virtual SAN offerings that combine the hardware and VMware software in one easy-to-purchase bundle.


1)      Optio Data (www.optiodata.com) – a VMware Premier Solution Provider

  • Optio used the VSAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide to create multiple Virtual SAN node offerings and promos based on HP and Dell servers – link to Optio promo
  • The VSAN Hardware Quick Reference Guide provides  profile guidelines, sizing assumptions, and design considerations for creating the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes



2)      SynchroNet (www.synchronet.com) – a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider

  • SynchroNet started off with some of the Virtual SAN Ready Node configurations from Supermicro to create their own custom and price competitive offerings with 4-year Extended Parts and Labor Warranty – link to SynchroNet offerings


In both examples, the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes significantly help accelerate time to market and the VMware partners can still provide flexibility for their customers to further customize the Virtual SAN nodes.


Always use certified components!

Keep in mind when you customize the Ready Nodes that you should always use Virtual SAN certified components available on the VMware Virtual SAN Compatibility Guide (VCG) www.vmware.com/go/virtualsan-hcl. This is very important for supportability and to reduce your rework and time-to-market.


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