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3 Steps on Using Spring Insight Developer to Analyze Code

If you don’t know about Spring Insight Developer, this post may save you tons of time and potentially headache.

Imagine that you need to update some code behind a button, but you didn’t write the code. What if you could press the to-be-coded button and then see what code was invoked (including methods and arguments), the SQL invoked, and the time it took to execute?

This is what Spring Insight Developer allows you to do, and more.

It’s also free, and it uses AspectJ and AOP to load-time weave your application, you do not have to make any changes to your application code to use it.

Let’s take a look at a simple example of tracing your app, viewing the details, and seeing the code in action.

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Q&A with Brian Dussault

1. You’ve been involved with SpringTrader for a while, could you give us a bit about your background and how you’ve been involved?
I’ve been involved in the technology industry for the past 14 years. I worked in both IT (High Tech Manufacturing, Financial Industries) and R&D positions during this time. My experience spans multiple disciplines including web applications, enterprise integration, SOA, open source, and system design. I have been a Spring Framework user since 2006 and joined VMware in 2011 as a Staff Engineer on the vFabric Commercial Engineering team.

Upon joining VMware, I led a small, highly talented team of engineers in the creation of the vFabric Reference Application, previously referred to as NanoTrader and now known as SpringTrader. The goal of the reference application was to provide an end-to-end sample application that included the Spring Framework, vFabric and our virtualization products.
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NanoTrader: Now The SpringTrader Reference Architecture

What is SpringTrader?

Back in August, we provided a sneak peak at NanoTrader, VMware’s vFabric Reference Architecture.  It was referenced in several posts and then featured in a session at SpringOne recently.  The application has now been named SpringTrader, and we wanted to a) share more information about the SpringTrader app including some updated architecture graphics, b) provide a new tool (a version you can log into online), and c) share the location of the Spring Trader bits for download.

If you haven’t heard, the SpringTrader reference architecture is used to help Java-based application architects, developers, infrastructure, and operations teams advance their application roadmaps and provide reusable patterns.  Some might also consider how vFabric Application Director can be used with the SpringTrader app to enable continuous deployment or automatically provision and scale the app in a completely virtual data center (i.e. a software defined data center). As well, vFabric Application Performance Manager can be used to monitor the entire stack and trigger automated scaling events like adding a new JVM and tc Server to the SpringTrader app’s production environment.
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