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New Book & Special Offer: RabbitMQ in Action

So you've heard about this VMware vFabric RabbitMQ "thing" but why should you care? Sure you might have heard things like "Rabbit will make it easy to glue your apps together" or "making async apps is a snap with Rabbit," but isn't it just one more thing to break?

When Alvaro and I came to RabbitMQ, we weren't searching for a "messaging" solution. We were looking for an "I need to solve XYZ problems now, and no a database won't work" solution." For me, it was needing to queue up incoming spam retraining requests and process them asynchronously. I needed to be able to add or remove workers at-will to scale with the number of requests coming in…and I needed to be able to do all this while ensuring each request was processed only once. Oh…and by the way, the front-end message receivers and the backend workers weren't necessarily written in the same language.

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