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Enhance root cause analysis capabilities by overlaying AppInsight with Hyperic Data

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vFabric Application Performance Manager (APM) provides comprehensive application monitoring capabilities. APM installs with two components: vFabric AppInsight for Transaction and Code level monitoring (byte code instrumentation is courtesy of Spring Insight) and vFabric Hyperic for middleware and OS monitoring. Together, these products work to not only provide an early warning system for building performance problems, but they also provide critical perspectives necessary for Root Cause Analysis (RCA). In this post, we will discuss how using Hyperic data inside AppInsight will help speed RCA.

Analyzing Performance Problems

In production, triaging performance issues requires correlating multiple events from multiple sources. In many cases, a performance problem or an error visible at the application or user transaction level is caused by an underlying middleware or resource problem. vFabric APM lets the user view and correlate multiple metrics from various sources ‫(middleware, network and code level) in order to pinpoint Root Cause Analysis and reduce Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).

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