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Q&A with Shay Banon: 10 “Bonsai Cool” Things About elasticsearch

We are very fortunate to post an interview with Shay Banon, the founder of elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is technology that is very popular among some of the coolest companies on the web today, including  SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Mozilla and Klout. These companies use elasticsearch to help them deploy powerful search capabilities in their applications that are easy to set up, scalable and built for the cloud.  In this interview, we get to learn all kinds of cool things:

  1. How Shay got into search
  2. How he came up with the idea for elasticsearch
  3. Why elastic search is different than other OSS search projects
  4. Example elasticsearch users like Foursquare, Brewster, GitHub, Sony, and Klout
  5. About the elasticsearch architecture for big data
  6. The strategy behind JSON over HTTP for search
  7. Connecting elasticsearch with RabbitMQ
  8. Connecting elasticsearch with Spring
  9. Connecting elasticsearch with GemFire
  10. Running elasticsearch on virtualized infrastructure

Without further ado, here is the interview.

Q1. So, how did you end up getting into search?
About 10 years ago, I moved from Israel to London because my wife was going to study to be a chef at the Cordon Bleu. I had no job. I was in a new country. I was unemployed. So, I started to get into the latest, cool, new technologies. Continue reading

TechValidate Finds 59% Choose VMware vFabric Application Stack to Reduce Cost of Application Infrastructure

Tech-validate-logoTechValidate’s research on VMware vFabric reveals how vFabric customers view the benefits of running the vFabric middleware suite and goes into detail on cost savings, productivity, and virtualization capabilities. It shows some interesting trends on the benefits of VMware vFabric when deployed in customer environments, including:

  • 46% of surveyed IT organizations value most that vFabric tc Server reduces costs more than other application servers.  42% said it takes less time to start up, configure, and/or manage than other application servers.
  • 61% of customers surveyed cite vSphere integration as a primary value, and 32% cite it’s design to support application portability to both on- and off-premise clouds.
  • 59% chose vFabric to reduce cost of application infrastructure and 32% surveyed believe they can develop web applications more quickly.

The report includes quotes from several of the companies interviewed. Some highlights include:

Continue reading