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vFabric Webcast June 20th: SQLFire – Fast Data that Spans the Globe


For those following the vFabric Blog, one of the most intriguing new products (from both a technology and a financial perspective) is vFabric SQLFire – an in-memory, NewSQL database.  There is an upcoming webcast on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, 9:00 AM PDT, titled VMware vFabric SQLFire – Fast Data that Spans the Globe.

>> To register and/or see more specifics, go to the Webcast Sign-Up.

Webcast Topics

Mark Chmarny, an evangelist focused on VMware data management technologies, will present this webcast covering:

  • High performance and  horizontal scale
  • High availability with transparent, app-level failover
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery, and active-active databases

If you are unfamiliar with the value or scenarios where SQLFire can help, several partners have commented on the value of SQLFire and the power of making the data layer horizontally scalable for cloud computing.

SQLFire Feature Summary

  • Supports SQL, JDBC, and ADO.NET for easy migration
  • In-memory speed that eliminates disk I/O and reduces latency
  • Near-linear scale
  • Data aware stored procedures
  • Write to disk in parallel
  • Elastic data layer
  • Continuous availability

>> To register and/or see more specifics, go to the Webcast Sign-Up.

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