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vFabric Enterprise Ready Server to End of Life

The End of Life (EOL) process has begun for vFabric Enterprise Ready Server (ERS).  The end of availability date is July 1, 2013, after which ERS will no longer be available for purchase. After this date, existing customers will be able to use their active deployments and will continue to benefit from support until their active subscription and support agreement (SnS) runs out.  The end of general support (EOGS) date is July 1, 2014.

All ERS customers are encouraged to convert or deploy vFabric Web Server, the product that replaces the ERS bundle. Web Server has been integrated with the latest open source runtimes, security patches, and bug fixes, as well as adding new product features that better serve enterprise customers deploying applications across virtualized and cloud environments.

ERS customers with perpetual licenses and active support and subscription agreements (SnS) are entitled to a one-time $0 conversion to vFabric Web Server and open source Apache Tomcat Support. ERS customers with term licenses are eligible to convert to equivalent vFabric Web Server term licenses at the same price as ERS for HTTP term license and optionally add Apache Tomcat support or vFabric tc Server licenses.

For technical documentation on how to upgrade to Web Server or tc Server from ERS, see the Migration Guide.

In most cases, the Migration Guide and knowledge base articles should be sufficient to help customers guide themselves successfully through the conversion.
However, for customers interested, vFabric Professional Services will offer a new “vFabric ERS to Web Server Migration Service”. For more information, contact sales.

>> To upgrade your licenses or request professional services, contact sales or Questions? 1-877-486-9273.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I need to convert to or purchase Web Server by?
A: You have until your active SnS agreement or subscription runs out.

Q: I want to move to Web Server now, but I have paid for an SnS agreement for ERS, what happens to the remaining SnS?
A: The existing terms of your remaining time on SnS will be exchanged for an equivalent period of SnS for the vFabric Web Server and Apache Tomcat support product.  This will be a one-to-one exchange, a translation of the value of your existing SnS to the destination product’s SnS price, which is the same.

Q: I want to move to Web Server now, but I have paid for a term license for ERS, what happens to the remaining duration on my term license?
A: Your existing subscription will remain in effect until the end of the active term of your contract. You should consider converting to vFabric Web Server term license at the time of renewal of your current ERS term license to avoid any subscription overlap.

Q: I have an existing deployment that is going to grow this year, will I be able to purchase additional licenses after July 1, 2013?
A: No, no additional license can be purchased after this date. We recommend you consider using Web Server.

Q: I have term licenses that expire after July 1, 2013 but before July 1, 2014, will I be able to renew them after July 1, 2013?
A: No, after July 1, 2013 existing customers who need to renew their term licenses will have to convert to vFabric Web Server term license. However, no new licenses can be added during this time.

Q: After July 1, 2014, if I have an active SnS agreement will I be able to get patches for my current ERS deployment?
A:  Yes, updates, patches and bug fixes are possible, although it’s been 3 years since the last release of ERS, and the product is considered generally very stable.

Q: Can I continue to use ERS after the end of support?
A: Yes, if your licenses are perpetual licenses, you have the right to use them as long as you like, however no support, updates or additional licenses will be available. If you have term licenses, you only have the right to use the licenses until your term expires.

Q: How do I convert my existing ERS instances to vFabric Web Server and vFabric tc Server?
A: For technical documentation on how to upgrade to Web Server and tc Server from ERS, see the Migrating Enterprise Ready Server to vFabric Web Server Guide, Run an ERS Tomcat Instance on tc Server, and Migrating an ERS Server Instance to tc Server Guide.

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