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What 10 Partners Are Saying About vFabric Today

When you are a software company like VMware, you are tied to the success of your partners in the field standing shoulder to shoulder with your customers, guiding them to a successful deployment. Their success and growth directly reflects your customer’s success as your own success in the marketplace.

Partners are focused on solutions that customers care about because it is the only way to stay in business and grow.  Today, 10 representatives from technology consulting organizations share their perspectives on how they are using the VMware vFabric Suite to achieve success with customers. Each includes a video or you can visit the full vFabric playlist on VMwareTV.

1. Modernizing Legacy Apps to Cloud and SaaS with vFabric

“In vFabric we see a very attractive modern cloud application platform.  So while spring and vFabric represent very attractive alternatives for new application development, what we see with our clients are is the desire to modernize and transform existing applications to take advantage of those same benefits of vFabric.  The run time benefits, the design time benefits.”—Chase Crawson, Director of Application Services, CSC

In this video, Chase explains some of the issues his clients face—complex legacy application portfolios and lack of business agility, largely driven by mainframes. Companies want to modernize to attain three key goals: lowering the cost of maintaining applications, improving business agility, and mitigating risk.

In his view, Spring and vFabric meet the requirements of a modern cloud application platform. With the data tier, they see how phased approaches—slowly migrating from traditional RDBMS to GemFire and SQLFire—can help companies attain both higher levels of performance and manageability with reduced risk. He offers a key example of transforming to a SaaS model.

2. The Velocity, Volume, and Variability of vFabric Big Data

“The other reason we choose GemFire, besides the volume, velocity, and the big data problem that comes with that, is variability of data.  Requirements change quickly, schemas change quickly.  And GemFire provides that schema-less design that no SQL solutions have.”—Jeff Reed, Application Development Executive, Logicalis

IT executive, Jeff Reed, tells the story of his customer, LOC Enterprises. He reviews the requirements of a modern, internet-scale, transactional application and how data is going to grow over time. He talks about how GemFire fit the big-fast-data requirement profile and gets into additional components of the vFabric stackEM4J, tc Server, and Spring. He also compares pricing between vFabric to Oracle Fusion and Web Logic.

3. Lowering Transactional Costs by 25% with vFabric

“Postgres is an interesting alternative to Oracle, and a lot of customers have multiple different, RDBMS platforms, but Oracle seems to be common across all of them.  Postgres looks a lot like Oracle.  Developers feel comfortable working with it and  administrators feel very comfortable with the toolset around it.”—Juan Garcia, CEO, Williams & Garcia Consulting

In this video, Juan Garcia talks about application modernization and data management. With a very successful career in the space, Juan touches on using modern frameworks, integration, re-platforming, and more. He explains his view on GemFire and SQLFire along with data management and Spring Framework support. With database as a service, he talks about how vFabric Data Director helps automate the management of databases. He also gets into the way PostgreSQL is easy to adopt for those familiar with Oracle and has a superior pricing model. He also touches on how one customer wanted a lower transactional cost with their platform—GemFire and vPostgres helped them get to market faster and lower the transactional cost by 25% and more.

4. Building a Spring-based Integration Grid with GemFire, tc Server, and Hyperic

“Using this platform we were able to bring tremendous value in terms of performance.  For example, there is a specific batch program which was running for seventeen hours. With our first level of optimization, we were able to get it to seventeen minutes.  Then, when we went back and optimized further, we got it to five minutes.”—Krishnas Prasad, Global Director, Enterprise Architecture, HCL

Krishnas explains how EMC came to them with a big goal—building an integration platform to scale for the next 10 years. In this video, he outlines the requirements for Java, Spring, caching, runtime, and monitoring. He covers the architecture’s ability to support 25 interfaces and how the workflow supported purchase orders. He digs into how GemFire was used as a cache with multi-casting support to distributed data to multiple target systems and how it increase performance of a batch job from 17 hours to 5 minutes.

5. Helping NYSE Build a Cloud Application Platform with vFabric

“SQLFire is fully distributable, partitionable, and accessible by SQL.  So, if you look at the financial services community, it’s pretty well accepted that, GemFire—over the seven, eight years—has become a very, very important component of low-latency, high performance trading and risk environments.  Oracle does not have any capability for a highly partitioned distributed, in-memory database.”—Nancy Turbe, Capital Markets Lead, EMC Consulting

In this video, Nancy explains the system capabilities of the New York Stock exchange—real-time market data, trading technology, risk, and compliance services. She explained how their new community platform was re-architected on vFabric’s reference architecture. In addition to providing detail as a case study, Nancy covers each layer in the stack—Spring, tc Server, RabbitMQ, and GemFire, etc. She talks about how they work with Open Mama and NYSE’s super feed. She covers how SQLFire is used for low-latency, high-performance trading and risk environments and how Oracle doesn’t really work this way.

She provides a viewpoint on how this platform enables her members and customers to accelerate their development.

6. Keys to IT Consumerization with vFabric: ROI + Innovation

“People are not seeing vFabric from the prospect of ROI alone. They’re seeing it from the perspective of complete advantage. vFabric needs to be seen as an innovation engine, a growth engine.”—Rama Kanneganti, HCL Fellow

Rama is a Fellow at HCL and has been working with in-memory databases since Bell Labs. His perspective points to the consumerization of IT—mobile, social, and customer application development. He sees a lot of use for vFabric because developers love it and management/operations people can effectively manage it. He believes the vFabric development platform is enterprise ready, integration ready, and cloud ready—he also sees the ROI, the ability to enable innovation, and the support for simplicity.

7. Modernizing and SaaS Enabling Legacy Apps

“By implementing vFabric, we saw a drastic reduction of a total cost of ownership for our customer, and we found that the application was horizontally scalable.”—Renganathan Kasthurirengan, Global Product Manager, CSC

As an executive responsible for cloud enablement at CSC, Renganathan covers the issues with legacy migration, modernization, and maintainability. He goes into a case study on cloud-enabling a key healthcare information system—business needs, requirements, architecture guidelines, etc. He talks about some of the approaches to SaaS, Spring Framework, GemFire caching, TCO, horizontal scale, and more. The project also put SQLFire in front of Oracle at the data tier.

8. How vFabric GemFire Provides High Availability and Speed

“Because everything’s in memory, and GemFire’s WAN gateway allows for bi-directional reads and writes, we know we can reliably read, not only from the secondary datacenter, but we can write there, and trust the data will be transmitted back and written in the primary datacenter as well.”—Sean Olsen, VP of Professional Services, Logicalis

Sean outlines how his customer, LOC Enterprises, needed high availability and how GemFire delivers business continuity into the design. He provides context for how a customer can use GemFire’s WAN gateway to transmit data bi-directionally and avoid a cold standby. He explains how the cost is competitive based on the virtualized solution.

9. Why One Customer Loyalty Program chose vFabric

“We selected VMware for a number of solutions—everything from the core virtualization infrastructure through the middleware and database, GemFire in particular. These have really enabled us to address our application needs in a fashion that is very manageable, deployable and serviceable for meeting our customer’s needs.”—Chris Hauck, CTO, LOC Enterprises

In this video, one CTO explains how their universal loyalty card works—it ties into merchant services, web portals, and smart phone accounts. He talks about the needs for scalability in their environment and how they selected Logicalis and vFabric after extensive due diligence. He covers their stack from virtualized infrastructure to development and deployment on vFabric.

10. CTO Viewpoint: The Cloud is Not Cliché, It’s Disruptive

“The cloud is transforming the attitudes that businesses have towards IT and resets their expectations. In the past, we used to think that IT was something that was slow and cumbersome and would take many months to deliver.  Now, the expectation is that you turn it up with a credit card. You order something through a web portal and away you go.  So, now is a time of great opportunity.  If I’m a CIO and I look at the technology landscape around me, I say, ‘How can I take advantage of these cloud providers out there?’—Paul Strong, CTO of Global Field and Customer Initiatives, VMware

Paul Strong provides a unique perspective on cloud technologies—while a trend, he underscores the disruptive nature of cloud computing and how it is an entirely new way of acquiring and consuming IT services. He explains how self-service really transforms business expectations on IT. He talks about the new tools, processes, and skills in the cloud and how vCloud service providers fit—bursting capacity, building new, and more.

To learn more about VMware vFabric: 

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