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VMware vFabric SQLFire 1.1.0 Released

A new version of SQLFire is now available for immediate download or trial.

Highlight of changes in this release:

  • vFabric SQLFire in 15 Minutes gets new users up and running on SQLFire with a quick tour of features and functionality.
  • The ALTER TABLE command now supports modifying table columns even after you have loaded data into the table.
  • SQLFire query plan output and documentation have been updated.
  • The CREATE INDEX command now supports creating case-insensitive indexes for CHAR and VARCHAR columns.
  • Improves performance and usability for disk stores and persistence.
  • The Event interface used in the AsyncEventListener API was updated.
  • Sample source code for the DBSynchronizer event listener implementation is now installed with the SQLFire product.
  • Supports single-hop access from a thin client for SELECT statements that use aggregates.
  • A SQLFire locator or server member can now provide JMX Manager services for the distributed system.
  • Queries that use the GROUP BY clause are optimized.
  • Queries that can be converted to use the getAll operation in the GemFire component are optimized..
  • The VSD tool is now packaged with SQLFire
  • Includes internal changes to support rolling upgrades in future releases of the product.
  • Bug fixes and usability enhancements

For a complete listing of all the changes and fixes, please refer to the release notes.




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