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How to Use the New GUI Features in vFabric Postgres 9.2

People have said code is poetry and information is beautiful, but let’s talk about graphical user interfaces (GUI) and ease of use.

The PostgreSQL community has a multitude of choices when it comes to GUIs versus CLI. For vFabric Postgres, we’ve added some cool, new GUI tools.

In part one of this two-part series on vFabric Postgres user interfaces, we look at the built-in GUI capabilities within the VM of the latest release—vFabric Postgres 9.2. Based on VMware Studio, vFabric Postgres 9.2 uses an instinctive user interface to fully control the behavior of the database virtual machine and allows you to perform basic tasks that are normally associated with an OS. In part 2, we will cover the key features of the database server’s new GUI and explain how to get overview-level information and see both processes and locks.

Connecting to the VM-based GUI

Once the virtual machine is booted and active, the interface is accessible at port 5480 via https. So, if the IP address of the virtual machine is, like in this post’s example, you can type the URL in your web browser to connect.

When trying to connect, your web browser might complain that this site could represent a risk to the security integrity of your machine. However, it is your own machine, and you do not really need to worry about this issue because you know what app it is. Just add the VM as a security exception and bypass the alert.

Once logged in, there are 3 main options within the UI’s top-level navigation—system, network, and update.

The vFabric Postgres System UI

System is divided in 2 tabs—the first tab contains a minimal but essential set of system information.

The system information printed on this page is something you would obtain similarly with uname -a type commands. This page also contains a couple of buttons that allow you to stop or reboot the virtual machine. The second tab allows you to control the time zone. This has a direct impact on the vPostgres database server—it is the system time zone.

The vFabric Postgres Network UI

The second menu of the user interface is related to the network settings of the virtual machine.

By default, the virtual machine will try to assign an IP using a DHCP. However, you can also set up a static IP or proxy server depending on the needs of your environment.

The vFabric Postgres Update UI

The third menu of the UI is dedicated to server updates. It is divided into two separate tabs—status and settings.

The first tab, status, allows you to check the current version of the appliance. You can also check for available updates directly from the VMware servers. If updates are available, you can also install them right from the user interface.

The second tab, settings, allows you to decide how updates are managed inside the virtual machine and choices include no automatic updates, automatic checks, and automatic check and installs

You can either automatize the updates with VMware servers, or use several manual options like a CD-ROM or remote repository. This becomes particularly useful when you want to build a cluster of vFabric Postgres nodes.

About the Author: Michael Paquier is a member of PostgreSQL technical staff at VMware. He is involved for many years with community development of PostgreSQL and Postgres-XC, and has worked on multi-master database technologies. He has also interest in parallel query processing and concurrent SQL processing.

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