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VMware vFabric Postgres 9.2 Generally Available: Supports Common Core with Open Source, and Improves on Cloud Delivery

VMware vFabric Postgres 9.2 is now generally available for download and purchase.

VMware has a strong commitment and belief that PostgreSQL will be a broadly used and popular IT technology for decades to come.  This latest release marks a significant advancement that serves to underscore this assertion.  First, VMware has chosen to standardize on a single common core, donating all advancements to the core to the community at large. As a result, the Postgres community at large will benefit from consistent, professional engineering that will ensure this project continues to advance with the demands of industry, in particular with cloud computing.  The new VMware distribution, now shares the same common core as the open source PostgreSQL 9.2 release in September 2012.

This release builds on the PostgreSQL 9.1 most notably with the addition of new developer-oriented capabilities including JSON support, and enterprise IT-oriented capabilities such as cascading replication and index-only scans. These advancements solidify Postgres now as a database that can handle the vast majority of data types and workloads.

In addition to improvements to the core, VMware will continue to extend the vFabric Postgres distribution to better meet the demands of large scale web applications running on virtualized and cloud deployments.

Building on a Common Core

As part of this effort, VMware is adopting a policy to keep the core engine un-modified in our release of VMware vFabric™ Postgres. VMware is committed to keeping both data and log files compatible between the open-source version and VMware’s vFabric Postgres, starting with the 9.2 release.  For any changes to the core code base developed as part of VMware’s development efforts on vFabric Postgres, VMware is committed to contributing those changes back those to the community.

Adding New Cloud Capabilities

VMware will still continue to develop and extend features in the vFabric Postgres distribution that will optimize the Postgres technology for cloud deployment. The VMware version will support advanced features that meet the needs of enterprise cloud computing specifically including resource management elasticity, deployment rapidity, lifecycle services, such as patch/upgrade management, easy-to-manage availability and disaster recovery are critical aspects of being cloud-enabled.

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Resource management elasticity is a good example of the cloud capabilities VMware is bringing to PostgreSQL.  The latest release of vFabric Postgres 9.2 will contain Elastic Resource Management for CPU and shared memory.  Within a VMware vSphere® virtualized environment, users can hot-add or hot-remove CPUs.  Users can also benefit from vSphere memory ballooning, whereby they can dynamically react to memory pressures on the host machine. VMware has included a virtual appliance as part of our Postgres product that enables these capabilities out-of-box.

VMware is also making Postgres easier to use and manage. Postgres 9.2 includes a versatile new user interface to help manage multiple administration tasks within Postgres. For example, creating schema objects, modifying user privileges or writing SQL statements are now executed seamlessly through a customized wizard. The UI also gives users a view of running queries and locks in the database. The UI comes pre-installed in the virtual appliance that VMware ships as part of vFabric Postgres 9.2.

VMware also offers another commercial product, vFabric Data Director, that provides lifecycle management for Postgres instances. Whether its one-click backup, point-in-time restore or patch and upgrade management, Data Director delivers lifecycle management capabilities based upon the proven virtualization capabilities of vSphere.

About the Author: Vipul Shah is Director of Product Management for Database products at VMware. His focus areas include Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), VMware vFabric Postgres and NoSQL offerings. Prior to VMware, Vipul has extensive experience in product management, marketing, business development and software engineering roles at Edifecs (Enterprise Healthcare ISV), Microsoft, Oracle and Sybase. He is well versed with cloud solutions, database management and virtualization areas.

Vipul has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley, and BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.


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