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How to Prepare for a Hyperic 5.0 Upgrade

Recently, we announced a new version of our popular web infrastructure management tool, Hyperic 5.0.  We also explained how, in this new version, the backend data store is moving to support PostgreSQL. In this article, we are providing existing Hyperic users the information they need to plan their upgrade to Hyperic 5.0. This article is for anyone already running Hyperic HQ (open source), vFabric Hyperic, vFabric Application Performance Manager, or vCenter Operations Manager.

This post is meant to augment the knowledge base article, KB 2033940, published back in August.

Planning the Upgrade

We know platform changes can make an upgrade more difficult and certainly raise eyebrows. So, we’ve taken measures to help make the migration as seamless and simple as possible. So far, the cases we’ve seen take about an hour. As with any data migration, the greater the volume of database records, the longer it can take.

Here are the key, high-level considerations:

  • Are all versions of Hyperic supported in the upgrade?
  • Will I run Hyperic as a virtual appliance (vApp) or will I run it as a “traditionally installed” application?
  • How does the upgrade and migration work?

Versions Supported in the Upgrade

The migration process supports version 4.5 and higher. If you are on an older version of Hyperic, you will need to upgrade to Hyperic 4.5 before migrating to 5.0.

Running Hyperic as a Virtual Appliance or as a Traditional Install

Hyperic 5.0 no longer supports Oracle and MySQL. It only supports vFabric Postgres 9.1.3 and PostgreSQL 9.1.3. You can choose to install Hyperic as a virtual appliance (where vPostgres is installed as part of the virtual appliance) or do a traditional software install of PostgreSQL on your database server. In the traditional install, there is also an option of using an embedded PostgreSQL database for smaller environments.

How does the Upgrade and Migration Work?

Before migrating and for more detail, you should review the documentation. The migration section specifically goes into much greater detail, but the main difference between this and a historic upgrade is running a migration script to export and import the database. At a high level, here are the steps:

1. Confirm the pre-requisites and system requirements to prepare your environment
2. Determine if you want a one-step or two-step migration:

    • Two step means you do an export then an import
    • One step means you can perform both the import and export from a single command (assuming access to source and destination databases is available on the host).

3. Review and specify migration options in a properties file
4. Install and deploy:

    • Via a virtual appliance that includes Hyperic 5.0 and vPostgres.
    • Via traditional install where you will install PostgreSQL and Hyperic 5.0 or choose an embedded vPostgres (for smaller environments) with your Hyperic install.

5. Perform the migration by running the migration script
6. Validate the migration via log files
7. Push an agent bundle from the server to upgrade all agents at once or do it manually.

Screenshots from the Export

Screenshots from the Import







If you have any issues or questions about your upgrade, please log into your VMware portal to create a support ticket and visit support policies to find information on opening tickets, escalation, and more.

About the Author: Eran Carmel is VMware’s product manager for Hyperic. Carmel is an executive with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of product management, software architecture, enterprise architecture, product development, strategy and management. Prior to joining VMware, Carmel has held product leadership roles at other companies such as Aternity, Safend, SilverKite and Mercury.

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