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New Pay for Dev Bounty Program for Hyperic & Cloud Applications Marketplace

With the launch of the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace just two weeks ago, VMware is adding some extra incentives for developers to join our program. Several bounties ranging in reward values from $500 to $1500 are available for both Spring Insight and Hyperic.

Earlier this summer, VMware announced a bounty program for Spring Insight. Today, a similar Bounty Program for Hyperic is also available. The Spring Insight Bounty program has had 2 plugins currently committed, with one in the final acceptance quality assurance stage.

The Bounty Program is designed to complement the VMware Cloud Applications Marketplace, where completed and approved solutions are listed and ready-to-use. The Bounty Program, on the other hand, is a place where companies, including VMware itself, can request and reward community members for creating any original work, including plug-ins, patches, tools, specifications, documentation, or sample code. Customers and Open Source users of both Hyperic and Spring Insight are encouraged to list their own plugins in the forum. To list a bounty, you only need to be a member of the forums, which is free.

>>For more information on posting bounties, see the program overview here.

To check out the plugins available for bounty, see the list of offers directly in the Spring Insight or Hyperic forums:

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