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Q&A with Brian Dussault

1. You’ve been involved with SpringTrader for a while, could you give us a bit about your background and how you’ve been involved?
I’ve been involved in the technology industry for the past 14 years. I worked in both IT (High Tech Manufacturing, Financial Industries) and R&D positions during this time. My experience spans multiple disciplines including web applications, enterprise integration, SOA, open source, and system design. I have been a Spring Framework user since 2006 and joined VMware in 2011 as a Staff Engineer on the vFabric Commercial Engineering team.

Upon joining VMware, I led a small, highly talented team of engineers in the creation of the vFabric Reference Application, previously referred to as NanoTrader and now known as SpringTrader. The goal of the reference application was to provide an end-to-end sample application that included the Spring Framework, vFabric and our virtualization products.

2. Why did you pick a trading application to emulate?

SpringTrader is loosely based on the well known IBM Day Trader reference application. By providing the “before” picture (Day Trader), our customers and partners have context to achieve the modernized “after” picture. Key technology innovations such as mobile, lightweight integration (Spring Integration) and highly productive JPA (Spring Data JPA) can be directly compared to the legacy implementation in Day Trader.

3. Who benefits most from using SpringTrader?

SpringTrader was built as an concrete reference application for customers and partners who want to understand how to build next generation applications on VMware’s Cloud Application Platform. The application is also used internally for end-to-end product testing, to create demos, training and to ensure our customer’s first experience with the vFabric Suite is a positive and productive one.

4. What about personally, besides working with cloud applications, what do you spend time doing?
Most of my free time is spent enjoying the outdoors with my family. With 2 young children and a puppy, my wife and I have no shortage of eventful moments in our lives.

5. What drew you to vFabric compared to others?
As a trend in the market, applications are moving to the cloud faster than ever before and we are demanding more functionality at a larger scale and with a faster development time with every day. VMware’s vFabric Suite represents a single, trusted application stack that is highly optimized for VMware’s virtual and cloud environments. If you are running Java workloads in a virtual environment, vFabric + vCloud Suite is the most battle tested solution in the market. So, its very natural that I would want to be part of the team building the most cutting edge, enterprise grade cloud applications.

6. Why should someone chose vFabric applications in your perspective?
One word: choice. The vFabric Suite and Spring Framework provide customers with the greatest choice of cloud deployment targets. This gives organizations the ability to realize the cost benefits of a “one skill set, any cloud” development and deployment strategy. The open and extensible architecture allows customers to achieve highly performant, next generation application architectures that are flexible enough to scale and move across hybrid cloud environments.

7. Why are you excited about being at VMware?
Prior to joining VMware, I was a long time customer of VMware, SpringSource & vFabric. Joining a company that I already held in the highest regard, was an easy choice for me. VMware’s commitment to application modernization and innovation in private and public clouds were areas that I was excited to be a part of building.

8. Anything else you’d like to say?
If your interested in building your next generation mobile web application, check out vFabric’s SpringTrader. If you want to get real-time SpringTrader and vFabric updates, follow me on twitter: @briandussault

About the Author: Brian Dussault is an Staff Engineer with the vFabric division of VMware and has 14+ years of experience in software engineering. Throughout his tenure, he has worked in both IT (High Tech Manufacturing, Financial Industries) and R&D positions. His experience spans multiple disciplines including web applications, integration, SOA, open source, and system design.

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