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Free Event in London on Dec 6th: Automate Provisioning of Spring Apps to EC2 & VMware vCloud

If you missed it at SpringOne 2GX, VMware’s David Winterfeldt will be presenting “Automated Provisioning of Spring Apps to EC2 & VMware vCloud” for free at Skills Matter on December 6th at 18:30PM.  It’s location is the Skills Matter eXchange.

Whether you are an executive interested in Spring-related trends or a Java developer and architect looking to simplify your Java architecture, automated deployment of Spring-based apps allows companies to do things like this:

You might be interested in learning more about how this type of provisioning works…and it’s free!

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About the Presentation

This session will focus on deploying and managing your Spring Application in the cloud using VMware vFabric Application Director. A series of Spring applications, increasing in complexity, will be deployed. The deployments will cover generating property files and activating Spring profiles. Some other highlights of the presentation will be deploying to VMWare vCloud & EC2, updating an existing deployment, and some general tips & tricks.

The session will begin by using a simple contact application to be deployed as a standalone web app with an in memory DB on single node, then, it will continue with a more advanced example using PostgreSQL DB on a separate node, and finally demonstrate the use and configuration of an external DB & an Apache proxy. The session will conclude with the deployment and discussion of Nanotrader (now called SpringTrader), a sample trading application with complex requirements.

About the Presenter

David Winterfeldt works at VMware on the VMware vFabric Application Director project. It enables developers and organizations to deploy applications to the cloud by having a logical abstraction for software services and application topologies. This allows an application to be easily deployed multiple times to different environments.

David has been doing software development for over 20 years. He’s been using Java since 1998 and involved in using Open Source almost as long. David has focused on Web and Enterprise development for most of his career, and started working with the Spring Framework in 2006. David runs the website Spring by Example, which is a site for sharing Spring examples. The site is a general resource for Spring and should ultimately save developers time. He’s is also an Apache committer on Struts and Commons Validator, as well as the creator of Commons Validator (although currently no longer active on either).

About Skill Matter

Skills Matter helps developers learn and share skills to write better software. They produce 450 intensive workshops, 500 talks and meetups, 2000 hours of videos, and quarterly open source journals.  More than 35,000 people connect with Skills Matter each year.  Their events and exchanges cover Scala, F#, Java, .NET, Groovy & Grails, Android, IOS, NoSQL, Agile, and more.

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