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VMware @Zendcon Oct 22-25 in Santa Clara, CA

VMware will be at Zendcon next week!  Of course, there will be content covering PHP best practices, architecture, design, and development. As well, a key theme this year will be around cloud-based technologies.  Komal Mangtani, VMware Engineering Director, will be presenting a session about Application Director and Zend Server on Tuesday, October 23rd, from 5:15p to 6:15p.

How does Zend work with VMware?  VMware vFabric’s new Application Director makes it easier than ever to deploy PHP applications to the cloud. By creating application blueprints in an interactive drag and drop canvas, PHP architects can logically assemble an entire architecture for an application—including web servers, app servers, database servers, and other middleware—and deploy instantly to target environments across clouds. Since these blueprints are designed to be reusable, VMware launched the Cloud Application Management Marketplace (BETA) to make it easier for developers and vendors to share application components with each other, speeding application development all around the cloud. Since the marketplace launch, Zend has offered two blueprints that can be automatically installed and configured by vFabric Application Director.   These pages provide an overview, specs, resources, and support information about each solution:

If you have PHP applications that need greater scale or faster deployment, Komal’s session will show you how you can run PHP apps more efficiently in hybrid cloud environments like vCloud and AWS.  Here is the session overview:

You have built PHP applications that integrate with outreaching SaaS endpoints or legacy endpoints within your enterprise. But in the process, you probably lost track of the application architecture for your large scaling app. How do you solve that problem? Use VMware vFabric Application Director to define and deploy your PHP applications. vFabric Application Director also enables you to run Zend Server-based PHP apps more efficiently in hybrid cloud environments, specifically vCloud and AWS. In this session, we will explore vFabric Application Director and Zend’s services for building and managing updates of your production ready app.

Of course, we will also have a group of VMware and vFabric experts in our booth–please come by to learn more and pick up some schwag.

>> Get more information about vFabric Application Director or download a trial.

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