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vFabric VMworld Sessions available On Demand

For anyone that attended VMworld 2012, you can access content for all VMware sessions here.

If you did not attend, you can purchase a subscription to access the content online. Content from all previous years is free for all community members along with the 2012 General Session Keynotes.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a list and links to all the vFabric-related sessions below:

APP-CAP1250 Fast Data Meets Big Data RDBMs are now a legacy means to track data. Get up to speed on how new approaches to data management are making big things happen for telcos, financial institutions, and modern mega-apps like Facebook.
APP-CAP1426 The Benefits of Virtualization for Middleware Want to build apps that use horizontally scalable web servers, app servers, and message queues? Learn VMware best practices for doing this and hear how Cardinal Health is benefiting from this strategy.
APP-CAP1644 The Changing Nature of Applications and the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform Application infrastructure is evolving quickly. Find out how you can preserve your investments in your current apps and move them forward to be elastic, dynamic and data-intensive.
APP-CAP1676 VMware vFabric tc Server Best Practices for Security, Stability and Sanity Transform your Apache Tomcat instances to enterprise grade with best practices from SpringSource experts.
APP-CAP1714 Next Generation Messaging: VMware vFabric RabbitMQ Asynchronous messaging can turbo-charge the speed of your modern apps. Learn RabbitMQ basics as well as the relevance of messaging in cloud application architectures.
APP-CAP1963 Big Data and Big Analytics Panel Join five technology leaders from Cloudera, Walmart Labs, VMware, and more to discuss next-gen apps with big data technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL, real-time analytics, and more.
APP-CAP2165 Operating Cloud Foundry Walk through Cloud Foundry’s interaction with existing infrastructure and see how it can accelerate the development of enterprise applications.
APP-CAP2177 Cloud Foundry Bootcamp Get hands-on with the Cloud Foundry platform as a service and how to get going as a developer.
APP-CAP2341 Accelerate Database Virtualization with VMware vFabric Data Director Learn how you can provision databases within minutes with database as a service. Learn about how this product helps get an entire IT organization more efficient.
APP-CAP2682 Build Your First Mobile Application … in the Cloud … in 60 Minutes See the environment, build the app, deploy it, run it on your phone at the end of the hour. Source code included.
APP-CAP2743 Behind Closed Doors: Partner Success Stories for vFabric Cloud Application Platform Implementations Leading technology executives talk about real-life scenarios of a cloud application platform from being in the trenches.
APP-CAP2757 Accelerate Adoption by Leveraging IaaS for a Complete Deployment and Monitoring Lifecycle Learn how to build out a self-service infrastructure so app teams can accelerate time to market, land more apps on internal infrastructure, and reduce dependencies on IT to launch apps.
APP-CAP2770 Plan, Deploy & Manage Modern Applications on vSphere Infrastructure Managing apps in the cloud is a completely different science. Understand what are the new requirements for management tools in virtualized and cloud environments.
APP-CAP2860 10 Reasons VMware vSphere Is the Best Place to Run Java Understand why vSphere is arguably the best place to run Java and how to build a business case to transform your app to this more modern infrastructure.
APP-CAP2881 Building Cloud-Ready Applications in Application Director Leveraging Puppet Learn how to architect apps that are portable across clouds, can be updated frequently, and are actually faster to create.
APP-CAP2956 Inside the Hadoop Machine Learn about the architecture, performance, and resources within a Hadoop framework. Leave with the know-how to plan a virtual Hadoop system.
APP-CAP2985 Real-Time Analytics Learn more about big data analytics, real-time solutions, Hadoop analytics, data modeling, and more. Understand how some systems are failing, where the low-cost solutions exist.
APP-CAP3310 Intel Enterprise PaaS with Cloud Foundry Learn about Intel’s journey to an enterprise, private cloud that has reduced deployment from months to days.
APP-CAP3600 Enable Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Your Cloud with VMware vFabric Data Director Simplify Oracle and vPostgres management when running on vSphere and see how to provision, clone, and upgrade in a DBaaS environment.
OPS-CIM2852 VMware’s Application Management Platform – Enable Any App Any Where… Collaboratively! Learn more about VMware’s tools that help virtualization admins empower app teams to become their own DevOps organizations.
OPS-CIM2646 Cloud Application Platform Automation Leveraging Application Director: How VMware IT reduced provisioning time by 90% and costs by 30% Talk to the people that built the story of how VMware IT reduced provisioning time and costs.
TEX1409 A Reference Architecture for Cloud Application Design using VMware’s vFabric and vSphere For ISVs looking at virtual appliances and cloud delivery models – covers REST/JSON architectures with high availability, load balancing, provisioning, and memory management.
TEX3000 Package, Integrate and Deploy Solutions with VMware’s Emerging Cloud Application Provisioning & Management Products: Panel Session for ISVs, TAP Members & Systems Integrators An interactive session with leaders from VMware’s Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Application Management, and End User Computing Teams.
About the Author: Al Sargent leads vFabric Suite product marketing at VMware. A VMware employee since 2010, Al has helped make the vFabric Cloud Application Platform become one of the fastest-growing application infrastructure suites in the industry. Prior to joining VMware, Al was co-founder of cloud computing startup Sauce Labs, a software testing platform as a service (PaaS). Previously, Al held product roles at Oracle, Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP) and Wily Technology (acquired by CA), and holds one patent (#7730193). He holds a B.S. Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.

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