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Understanding App Delivery Controllers in Hybrid Clouds

Many call Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) the next generation of load balancers.  Same as load balancers, they sit in front of web servers. In addition to providing the balancing services, they now help improve scale, availability, fault tolerance, security, and routing. But, not all ADCs are delivered as pure software solutions, designed for cloud-based and virtualized deployments, or work in hybrid cloud environments—items which are becoming mainstream requirements for the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) that VMware sees as the future of cloud computing.

Why care about the SDDC?

VMware and Riverbed Join Forces!

Thursday November 15, 2012 at 11AM PDT/2PM EDT

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Industry leaders across the board are gravitating to hybrid clouds for lower costs, no lock-in, greater flexibility, increased speed, built-in disaster recovery, and new capabilities. Of course, there are more reasons, and all these reasons are driving the need to get to a hybrid cloud model. In Sandhill.com’s recent “Leaders in the Cloud” research study from 2010 (and updated in 2011), they said, “our study surveyed more than 500 IT executives and indicated that the biggest growth will be in hybrid clouds (from 13 percent now to 43 percent in three years).”

In order to achieve the promises of hybrid clouds, VMware sees the need for a completely software driven data center so your applications are portable across disparate architectures.  By removing hardware devices, and creating application architectures where all infrastructure is virtualized, delivered as a service, and entirely automated by software, companies can now effectively move apps across clouds to meet their needs.

Are Next Gen ADCs Part of this Strategy?

In short, yes. Join VMware and Riverbed on Thursday November 15, 2012 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT for a joint webinar, Provision and Scale Your Multi-Tier Applications in the Hybrid Cloud, that will cover ways to:

  • Provide more scalable, dynamic, and virtualized application support
  • Accelerate portability and performance across cloud services
  • Reduce costs with repeatable and portable deployments

The webinar will feature vFabric Application Director and Riverbed Stingray and presented by two industry veterans:

  • Kavitha Mariappan – Director of Product Marketing with Riverbed Technology has worked in engineering, business development, and product management roles at Cisco, Nvidia, and more.
  • Christian Paulus – Director of Product Marketing for Application Management at VMware has helped seven different companies successfully launch global products and eventually be acquired by HP, Oracle, and more.

>> Register for the webinar here.

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