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How to Leverage Existing Application Director Templates in the New Beta Release

vFabric Application Director has been getting quite a lot of attention recently. The success of our own internal IT project and how they reduced application provisioning time by 90% and costs by 30% has spread and customers are trying it out. It’s been getting such good adoption that VMware decided to make it even easier for customers to use it by including it into the newly expanded vCloud Suite, announced at VMworld earlier this month. Additionally, the Beta Program for Application Director has been underway for a couple months and customers are testing out the upgrade paths from their current deployment to their beta deployment.

One area customers are updating frequently is updating their catalog of available virtual machines templates that are registered in vCloud Director to work with Application Director blueprints. The process is usually fairly quick, and the steps are outlined here:

1. Instantiate and power up the Application Director 1.0 template vApp in vCloud Director.

2. Log in to the virtual machine as the user root.

3. Terminate any existing agent_bootstrap.sh process that might still be active. See screenshot for sample procedure.

4. Execute this command to remove any runtime relic from the existing agent bootstrap service:


5. Execute this command to uninstall existing Application Director 1.0 agent boostrap service:

For RPM based VM: rpm –erase vmware-appdirector-agent-service
For DEB based VM: dpkg –remove vmware-appdirector-agent-service

6. Download the relevant new version agent bootstrap package to the virtual machine from an Application Director appliance (note: the version number X.0.0.0 should be replaced with the correct version number once it is released):


7. Install the Application Director 5.0 agent boostrap service in the virtual machine:

For RPM based VM: rpm –install vmware-appdirector-agent-service_X.0.0.0-0_<arch>.rpm
For DEB based VM: dpkg –install vmware-appdirector-agent-service_X.0.0.0-0_<arch>.deb

NOTE: If you decide to test the agent bootstrap service by restarting it or rebooting, be sure to run the command from step #4 to clean up all runtime relic before shutting down the virtual machine for good.

8. Power off the vApp in vCloud Director.

9. Save the vApp as a new template in the vCloud Director catalog to be used by the new Application Director Beta.

Note: The new version of Application Director is due out later this year. There is still time to participate in the Beta. If interested, please contact your Sales Rep.

About the Author: Leong Lim has been with VMware engineering for 5 years, and is presently a R&D Senior Member of Technical Staff working on VMware Application Director. Prior to working on Application Director project, Leong also worked on VMware Studio.  Leong came to VMware from Determina Inc.

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