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Clustered Zend Server Application Blueprint Available

As the Application Management team attends ZendCon this week, we will be sharing with attendees the new Clustered Zend Server Application Blueprint now available on the Cloud Application Management Marketplace BETA.

This blueprint is a ready-to-use, clustered deployment of the popular PHP Application Server, Zend Server. Using vFabric™ Application Director, users can download this blueprint and deploy a fully configured, clustered PHP Zend Server as a service onto any vCloud Director registered cloud.

To see what this clustered server installation looks like logically, view the blueprint screenshot below:

The resulting deployment will be load-balanced Zend PHP servers managed by a Cluster Manager. Key points for this deployment include:

  • ZSCM: This node hosts the Zend Server Cluster Manager and the MySQL database required by the cluster manager
  • Zend_App_Node: These clustered nodes host the Zend PHP server managed by the cluster manager on ZSCM. Note that this solution requires licenses for both Zend Server and Zend Server Cluster Manager. Visit http://www.zend.com/products/server/license and http://www.zend.com/products/server-cluster-manager/license/request to obtain free, 30-day trial licenses for each component
  • LB: This node host the Apache load balancer to route traffic to the PHP servers.

Once the deployment succeeds, access the Cluster Manager at

Sample PHP applications are available from https://www.zend.com/en/products/server/deployment-sample-apps and can be deployed from the cluster manager.

To import the above blueprint, see the Clustered Zend Server PHP Application Server (Blueprint) on the Cloud Application Management Marketplace BETA.
Additional Zend-based blueprints available on the marketplace include:

About the Author: Vijay Dwivedi is a MTS at VMware working in the development team of vFabric Application Director. He has been with VMware for a year. Prior to VMware, he has held technical positions at Barclays Capital and other financial firms in NYC.

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