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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Join us at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara

Join at the upcoming Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, CA on November 5-8.

Recent IDC research shows that worldwide spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $44.2 billion by 2013. And a recent Gartner report predicts that the volume of enterprise data overall will increase by a phenomenal 650% over the next five years.

These two enterprise IT trends, Cloud Computing and Big Data, will converge at the 11th Cloud Expo – at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There are 200+ technical sessions covering everything from infrastructure to platforms to applications.
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NanoTrader: Now The SpringTrader Reference Architecture

What is SpringTrader?

Back in August, we provided a sneak peak at NanoTrader, VMware’s vFabric Reference Architecture.  It was referenced in several posts and then featured in a session at SpringOne recently.  The application has now been named SpringTrader, and we wanted to a) share more information about the SpringTrader app including some updated architecture graphics, b) provide a new tool (a version you can log into online), and c) share the location of the Spring Trader bits for download.

If you haven’t heard, the SpringTrader reference architecture is used to help Java-based application architects, developers, infrastructure, and operations teams advance their application roadmaps and provide reusable patterns.  Some might also consider how vFabric Application Director can be used with the SpringTrader app to enable continuous deployment or automatically provision and scale the app in a completely virtual data center (i.e. a software defined data center). As well, vFabric Application Performance Manager can be used to monitor the entire stack and trigger automated scaling events like adding a new JVM and tc Server to the SpringTrader app’s production environment.
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Rearview Mirror: The Evolution of Hyperic Over the Past 6 Years

An early design for mousepad giveaways from 2007 that I still use as my mousepad today.

Today is a new kind of birthday for me—it’s the day I started at Hyperic 6 years ago. It’s a journey that has been nothing short of surprising. My first meeting with then CEO Javier Soltero started the pace of what was to come: I had no idea it was an interview walking in, and was even more surprised when I walked out of that same interview accepting a job that same night. That sets the tone for the next 6 years.

It’s been an exciting journey riding the waves of technology changes these past 6 years, and sitting, in my opinion, in the perfect spot to see some of the biggest disruptors unfold.  I have literally had the privilege to work with the most interesting companies in technology along the way. Most of the biggest companies on the web, many of the biggest companies on the stock market, and some incredibly innovative startups have used our software, partnered with us, and in two cases—acquired us. From this vantage point, I have seen some impressive changes in our industry along the way. Here are some of the highlights:
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Updated vFabric GemFire 7 Delivers Fast, Reliable Data at Cloud-Scale

Doubling-down on in-memory data

Download GemFire 7Memory is faster than disk. People realize that when they need to support high performance on-line applications. Recently many traditional database providers latched onto this and started “washing” their offerings with in-memory variations. At the same time, new companies are jumping into the In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) space with unproven offerings. However, enterprise data is not something many are willing to experiment on.

VMware has virtually pioneered the IMDG, even before it was a category. Its vFabric GemFire team has been at this for a while now with a proven, production-grade offering called vFabric GemFire. In its latest release, vFabric GemFire 7.0 brings a couple of key enhancements for developers and IT pros alike:

  • Improving developer productivity
  • Increasing operational efficiencies

These improvements are in addition to the already proven data consistency and reliability that many have come to expect form vFabric GemFire in their scale-out data architectures. Once more, VMware has shown, both the technical knowhow and the necessary experience in enterprise-grade in-memory data to support on Cloud-scale.
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Catch the VMware Knowledge Series in a City Near You

Join us for the VMware Knowledge Series!

Why come?
This complimentary, half-day program is a place where you can learn about how to benefit from VMware’s key cloud computing initiatives: the software defined data center, the virtual desktop and automated application provisioning in the cloud. There will also be a breakfast, a session on transforming cloud organizations, a working lunch and jumpstart program, and a technical town hall.

Specifically, you can learn about the following products and services:

ROBLOX: RabbitMQ, Hybrid Clouds, and 1 Billion Page Views/Month

Online video games have amazing software architectures, particularly when they support millions or billions of transactions.

One of the most interesting companies in this growing industry is ROBLOX.

If you haven’t heard of ROBLOX, they allow users develop their own games – creating players, 3D worlds, and objects from first-person shooters to genres like military and sci-fi. They are able to share these games with others, and, of course, play them. The ROBLOX application also has a built in advertising system, social network, and virtual economy with currencies. According to their website, they generate:

  • Over one billion page views, 29 million in-game hours, and 10 million unique visitors per month.
  • Players created 5.4 million games and spent over 250 million hours of game-play in 2011

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Helping People Sleep at Night: 5 Reasons to go for Continuous Deployment

Why do continuous provisioning? Some smart, successful companies with great engineering teams are certainly benefiting from it (see list further below), but what is it doing for them? And what can it do for you?

After talking to our customers at VMworld about the possibilities of vFabric Application Director being part of their vCloud infrastructure,  and last summer’s explanation of continuous provisioning with Application Director and Jenkins CI Server, we decided to list some good reasons on why continuous deployment is worth pursuing.

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Clustered Zend Server Application Blueprint Available

As the Application Management team attends ZendCon this week, we will be sharing with attendees the new Clustered Zend Server Application Blueprint now available on the Cloud Application Management Marketplace BETA.

This blueprint is a ready-to-use, clustered deployment of the popular PHP Application Server, Zend Server. Using vFabric™ Application Director, users can download this blueprint and deploy a fully configured, clustered PHP Zend Server as a service onto any vCloud Director registered cloud. Continue reading

VMware’s Serengeti – Virtualized Hadoop at Cloud-scale

Not long ago I covered the topic of Big Data adoption in the enterprise. In it, I described how Serengeti enables enterprise to respond to common Hadoop implementation challenges resulting from the lack of usable enterprise-grade tools and the shortage of infrastructure deployment skills.

With the latest release of open source Project Serengeti, VMware continues on its mission to deliver the easiest and most reliable virtualized Big Data platform. One of the most unique attributes of Serengeti Hadoop deployment is that it can easily coexist with other workloads on an existent infrastructure.

Serengeti-deployed Hadoop clusters can also be configured in either local or shared, scale-out data storage architecture. This storage layer can even be shared across multiple HDFS-based analytical workloads. And, in the future, this could potentially be extended to other, non-HDFS-based data engines.

The elasticity of underlining vSphere virtualization platform, helps Serengeti to achieve new levels of efficiency. This architecture enables organizations to share the existing infrastructure with Big Data analytical workloads to deliver optimal storage capacity and performance. Continue reading

How to Leverage Existing Application Director Templates in the New Beta Release

vFabric Application Director has been getting quite a lot of attention recently. The success of our own internal IT project and how they reduced application provisioning time by 90% and costs by 30% has spread and customers are trying it out. It’s been getting such good adoption that VMware decided to make it even easier for customers to use it by including it into the newly expanded vCloud Suite, announced at VMworld earlier this month. Additionally, the Beta Program for Application Director has been underway for a couple months and customers are testing out the upgrade paths from their current deployment to their beta deployment.

One area customers are updating frequently is updating their catalog of available virtual machines templates that are registered in vCloud Director to work with Application Director blueprints. The process is usually fairly quick, and the steps are outlined here:

1. Instantiate and power up the Application Director 1.0 template vApp in vCloud Director.

2. Log in to the virtual machine as the user root.

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