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PuppetConf 2012 and vFabric Application Director

PuppetConf LogoVMware’s Application Management team, the team that provides vFabric Application Performance Manager, Application Director, Hyperic and Spring Insight, is a proud sponsor of  PuppetConf 2012 on September 27-28th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco!

VMware has been making news with Puppet Labs over the past couple months including announcing the Cloud Application MarketplaceBETA, and Puppet Labs announced it’s integration with vFabric Application Director.  At PuppetConf, we will continue to share with you how VMware Application Management products and Puppet will work together. Please be sure to check out the following event schedule to hear and meet with us directly:

  • Paul Strong, CTO Global Field of VMWare, will deliver the keynote on Thursday at 9am (see abstract below).
  • VMware will have a presentation: Komal Mangtani, VMware, Director R&D, and Matthew Ford, VMware, Manager R&D, are speaking Thursday at 1:15pm and will showcase the Puppet integration service available for download in the aforementioned marketplace.
  • There is a demo stand where we will show vFabric Application Director.
  • VMware is also sponsoring the Social (i.e. open bar and appetizers) in the Atrium Thursday evening from 5:30-7:30pm.

Note: The original post included a mistaken description of the Keynote. The correct one is now below.

Keynote Abstract: From Virtual Servers to Software Defined Data Centers: The Ongoing Evolution of IT

With seemingly never ending hyperbole around terms like Virtualization and Cloud, it’s tempting to ignore the fact that something truly profound is happening to IT.  Cloud has not only resulted in self-service, instantly provisioned, elastic and pay-per-use IT (something we’ve never had before), but in so doing, has fundamentally reset the expectations of every consumer of IT.  A 30 year old status quo, balancing risk with change, has been swept away – forcing IT organizations to fundamentally rethink what they do, and how they do it.  In this short talk we’ll explore the evolution of the technologies behind Cloud and their impact, especially with respect to the ongoing virtualization of the data center as a whole, as we move beyond the server to the Software Defined Data Center.  How is this coming about?  What can we learn from the Cloud experience?  And what does this mean for those at the coal face, managing IT?

We hope to get an opportunity to connect with you at PuppetConf!

About the Author: Stacey Schneider has over 15 years of working with technology, with a focus on working with sales and marketing automation as well as internationalization. Schneider has held roles in services, engineering, products and was the former head of marketing and community for Hyperic before it was acquired by SpringSource and VMware. She is now working as a product marketing manager across the vFabric products at VMware, including supporting Hyperic. Prior to Hyperic, Schneider held various positions at CRM software pioneer Siebel Systems, including Group Director of Technology Product Marketing, a role for which her contributions awarded her a patent. Schneider received her BS in Economics with a focus in International Business from the Pennsylvania State University.

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