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What’s Cool at VMworld? A Partner’s 2000 Milli-cents

Earlier this year, we did a video interview with Jeff Reed about VMware vFabric and did a Q&A session.  Several months have passed, and VMworld is around the corner.  So, we asked him a few more questions to hear what he is most excited about:

Q1: What’s your favorite resource that you get access to as a VMware partner at VMworld?
Answer: I have two: (1) the ability to communicate with the product managers and get visibility into next generation features and (2) discussing co-marketing efforts with the marketing team.

Q2: What is the “hot” vFabric product this year for your customers?
Answer: SQLFire and GemFire have the most interest as potential NoSQL solutions, and Application Director has interest from our customers trying to build private clouds.

Q3: What product do you wish you could get more customers to use?
Answer: SQLFire/GemFire

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Q4: Why did you choose that product as the one to get more customers to use?
Answer: As I’ve stated before, SQLFire is a game-changer.  I think many companies underestimate the value of scaling the data later horizontally.  Every project I propose has a business case, and I see a tremendous amount of value being unlocked with this product – not just for the CIO or CTO’s agenda, but for the CFO and CEO.  Then, you add the fact that the whole application stack is virtualized and has solid integrations. It’s a simple story, the product allows you to add a lot of value in a really cost effective way.

Q5: If you are an infrastructure and operations person, what vFabric products should be sure to check out?
Answer: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, SQLFire and Application Director.  Massively scalable data stores and automated provisioning are both closely aligned to infrastructure and operations.

Q6: What session are you most looking forward to? Why?
Answer: Well, shamelessly, I’m most interested in the session I’ll be participating in…mostly because I’m looking forward to the Q&A portion and hearing from the attendees about their Big/Fast Data efforts. I’m also interested in sessions by Jags Ramnarayan like the one on Big/Fast Data.

About the Author: Jeff Reed manages the application development division for Logicalis USA, where he also spent time managing channel relationships with major IT OEMs. He focuses his energy on modern application architectures built with vFabric and Spring technologies, and on the integration of IaaS (vCloud Director) and PaaS (CloudFoundry) platforms. Other than being a father to two amazing boys and owning a fly-fishing lodge in Montana, Jeff’s two proudest IT moments include being the lead developer for the original Outlook Web Access and serving as Chief Software Architect for T-Mobile (Jeff may be reached at www.linkedin.com/in/jefftreed).

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