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VMware Cloud Application Management Marketplace now in BETA

This is an exciting time for us at VMware! Among several key and strategic initiatives at VMware this year, we are thrilled to share the much-awaited release of VMware Cloud Application Management Marketplace BETA .

The Application Management Marketplace brings together an ecosystem of developers, independent software vendors, system integrator partners, and end consumers to collaborate and share solutions so IT teams can get instant access to ready-to-use cloud application management solutions. These solutions are meant to accelerate deployment and simplify management of real-world enterprise applications on private, public, and hybrid clouds, using VMware’s Application Management products – namely VMware vFabric Application Director for provisioning cloud applications and VMware vFabric Application Performance Manager for monitoring and scaling applications.

We have more than 50 solutions available for download on our Beta Marketplace today and the number is growing daily.  You will be able to find deployment, monitoring, and management solutions for a variety of middleware components and applications including web servers, application servers, databases, load balancers, as well as productivity applications for bug tracking, collaboration, project management and more.

Why Open up a Marketplace?

Our application management suite is optimized for the vFabric suite, but we are committed to enabling any application on any cloud. Realizing the world has far more application types and architectures than we will ever be able to offer out of the box in our products, we embarked on a journey to deliver a marketplace so you can get real-world content downloaded to our products. It is very rewarding to see such incredible support from industry leading technology providers, content providers, system integrators, and service providers who are partnering with us on our journey.

Any Application, Any Complexity, Any Cloud

Our application blueprints, as you may remember, are cloud agnostic. Once you model a deployment topology as a blueprint, you can deploy on your cloud, my cloud, any 3rd party cloud, or in multiple clouds at once.  Imagine having the power of automation to move part or all of an environment from a public to a private cloud (or vice versa) without getting drowned in scripts!

We want to provide this power of automation and freedom to a wide range of applications in our marketplace. Our design partners in the beta are industry-leading technology vendors, delivering critical application solutions across the spectrum. For example, Radware, Riverbed, F5, Infoblox, Layer 7, Checkpoint, FastSoft for networking and security solutions, as well as Zend, Couchbase, Sumologic, BitNami, Turnkey Linux, OpenLogic, and Puppet Labs for agile development, debugging, and open source solutions. We are also working with system integrators and architects such as Accenture, Cognizant, HCL, Persistent Systems, Fluentsoft, Codesigned, Swishdata, and Interra IT for complex multi-tier reference blueprints. All solutions are being tested and approved on a high availability cloud of one of our leading service providers – Bluelock. You can click here to see all our partners.

So, What will the Marketplace Actually Offer?

The following solutions are available to download, and you can read more detail about each at the VMware Cloud Application Management MarketplaceBETA:

  1. Application Blueprints: Application deployment models (e.g. the logical definition of an entire application environment) provisioned by Application Director.
  2. Services: Software installs and components stored in a re-usable catalog and available within Application Blueprints.
  3. Virtual Machine Templates: Machine images for multiple clouds that can be registered into vCloud Director and Application Director to allow automated provisioning of infrastructure.
  4. Scripted Tasks: Scripts that can be used to perform maintenance or governance activities or deliver additional instructions during deployment.
  5. Monitoring Plugins. Extended monitoring and management capabilities for Application Performance Manager, Hyperic and Spring Insight

Getting Involved:

  • Open source, free and commercial products are welcome.
  • Developers can publish for free.  VMware, partners, and any community developer are encouraged to contribute content on the exchange. The marketplace has different levels of publishers.
  • This is the beta version of this marketplace. You can expect improvements in solutions, easy consumption within product from the marketplace and expanded offerings. Watch this space for updates!
  • Follow us on Twitter, to get latest marketplace updates.



If you want to become a partner or contributor or have ideas for innovative solutions or applications that you want to see in the marketplace, please send an email to app-management@vmware.com.

  About the Author: Usha Parsa has over 15 years of software industry experience in driving product, portfolio strategies, roadmap and implementations. She has worked with enterprise, SaaS, and cloud platform products from idea to launch in multi-functional roles. Usha now leads Outbound Product Management for VMware’s Cloud Application Management products. Prior to VMware, Usha worked in cutting-edge technology companies such as BEA Systems, eBay Inc (IT) and Jamcracker. Usha received her Masters in Software Systems and Development at Carnegie Mellon University.

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