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5 Labs You Don’t Want to Miss @VMworld

What if you could spend a few days in San Francisco and learn…

  • How to reduce deployment time from weeks to hours.
  • How to develop without worrying about scaling infrastructure (and vice versa).
  • How to drastically reduce database license, hardware, and management costs.
  • How to scale the data layer and increase speed drastically using standard SQL.
  • How the vFabric suite scales at the web, app, and data layer.

Would it be worth the trip? Well, we think so for three reasons:

  1. We hear from customers that labs are an excellent learning experience. The above learning points are related to our vFabric labs. These labs offer attendees even more educational value on top of a conference already packed with educational content and more.
  2. The labs and associated products are designed to show you real-world use cases that could have a significant impact on IT performance AND cost reduction.
  3. The labs are entirely about public and private cloud infrastructure and development. Given the significance of the cloud trend, perhaps we could all use the words “cloud” on our resume a bit more.
    • “Gartner expects enterprise spending on public cloud services to grow from $91 billion worldwide in 2011 to $109 billion in 2012 and reach $207B in 2016 (See Press Release).”

Here is a quick overview of each lab and a background on the lab leaders:

Learn how to reduce deployment time from weeks to hours with vFabric Application Director.
– You will build an application blueprint, deploy the blueprint to the cloud, and learn to automatically scale tcServer when thresholds are breached.
– See Lab HOL-APP-01 – Manage Your Cloud Applications with VMware vFabric Application Director
– Leader: Mahesh Rajani is a consulting architect for VMware. He has over 15 year experience in IT. He has delivered Cloud related sessions at past VMworld, Partner Exchange, and USENIX conferences. He is VCDX4 and VCP5 certified.
  Learn how to develop without worrying about scaling infrastructure.
– You will use the Micro Cloud Foundry dev environment to deploy apps and learn to scale infrastructure on Cloud Foundry.
–  See Lab HOL-APP-02 – Deploy Applications in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) World with Cloud Foundry
– Leader: Jason Karnes is a consulting architect in the GTS organization. He has 15+ years of experience in IT. He has designed and delivered Cloud based solutions for service providers and enterprise customers for the past 3 years.
Learn how to drastically reduce database license, hardware, and management costs.
– You will understand database virtualizing, self-service provisioning, cloning, policies, backup/restore, scaling, HA, security, monitoring, and patches with vFabric Data Director.
– See Lab HOL-APP-03 – Enable Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Your Cloud with VMware vFabric Data Director
– Leader: Scott Deeg is a Sr. System Engineer on the Cloud Application Platform team. He has been working in Java since 1996, and is a Spring Certified Developer. His current focus is working with customers to develop strategies to deal with the effect of cloud on the design, development, deployment, and operation of enterprise applications.
Learn how to scale the data layer and increase speed drastically using standard SQL.
– You will gain hands-on experience with design concepts, distributed SQL queries, dynamic and elastic horizontal scalability, continuous high availability, and synchronization with existing databases by using vFabric SQLFire.
HOL-APP-04 – Implement Cloud Ready Databases with VMware vFabric SQLFire
– Leader: Guillermo is an award-winning Enterprise Architecture practitioner with 17+ years of experience in different industries. As a Regional Senior Systems Engineer for VMware’s Cloud Application Platform division, Guillermo works with customers to understand their business needs and challenges and helps them seize new opportunities by leveraging vFabric to modernize their IT architecture.
Learn how the vFabric suite scales the application tier with fault tolerance and HTTP session replication.
– You will see how to script and scale a tc Server cluster by using vFabric Administration Server, vFabric Web Server, and vFabric GemFire.
HOL-APP-05 – Scale Your Applications with VMware vFabric
– Leader: Chris DeLashmutt is a Senior Systems Engineer with the vFabric division of VMware. Chris assists customers in creating solutions to their software challenges by leveraging vFabric technologies. Prior to VMware, Chris was most recently the Chief Architect at Spectrum K12, a software ISV for K-12 school districts focused on student achievement management and Special Education compliance products. Chris has almost 15 years of experience in software development and architecture, and almost 19 years of total experience in technology.

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