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TechValidate Finds 59% Choose VMware vFabric Application Stack to Reduce Cost of Application Infrastructure

Tech-validate-logoTechValidate’s research on VMware vFabric reveals how vFabric customers view the benefits of running the vFabric middleware suite and goes into detail on cost savings, productivity, and virtualization capabilities. It shows some interesting trends on the benefits of VMware vFabric when deployed in customer environments, including:

  • 46% of surveyed IT organizations value most that vFabric tc Server reduces costs more than other application servers.  42% said it takes less time to start up, configure, and/or manage than other application servers.
  • 61% of customers surveyed cite vSphere integration as a primary value, and 32% cite it’s design to support application portability to both on- and off-premise clouds.
  • 59% chose vFabric to reduce cost of application infrastructure and 32% surveyed believe they can develop web applications more quickly.

The report includes quotes from several of the companies interviewed. Some highlights include:

  • “We find VMware vFabric to be an easier environment to manage.  It requires less hardware and has consolidated management tools resulting in a less complicated environment.”  – IT Manager, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment Company
  • “We hope to see app developers unchained from waiting on an infrastructure team for routine provisioning tasks.  We then hope to focus our Infrastructure team on higher-value activities.” – IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company
  • “vFabric tc Server allows us to roll out our Java application servers quickly and easily and integrates well with all flavors of ESX.” – Engineer, Large Enterprise Insurance Company
  • “A medium enterprise financial services company saw cost savings more than 75% in Application Middleware Licenses using vFabric Cloud Application Platform.” – Server Administrator, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Several of the companies interviewed were developed into case studies, providing further insight into the types of companies reporting these results. Some highlights include:

  • A hospitality company with a 75% cost reduction in middleware licenses,
  • A large retail company reducing the cost of application infrastructure,
  • An enterprise computer services company achieving high ROI, as well as
  • Reduced hardware footprints, improved productivity, reduced infrastructure footprint, and more.

>> Visit the VMware vFabric TechValidate Research page to see the entire set of research.

About TechValidate

TechValidate is about thousands of business and IT professionals sharing their experiences – this version is about VMware vFabric.  TechValidate provides a free research library of real-world research data and is used by many companies in the technology industry.  The TechValidate team sources their information from verified IT and business professionals who have hands-on experience with the researched products and services.

The survey and data released on VMware vFabric is provided to customers in a way that intends to:

  • Focus on authentic and valid information.
  • Keep participants anonymous.
  • Include real-world deployment facts and statistics.
  • Contain case studies and research charts.
  • Provide key trends and statistics.

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