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How to integrate SQLFire into your Maven project

Sqlf-logoJust a quick post to address a potential issue regarding integration of the latest SQLFire release (1.0.2) into your Maven project. You may not know this, but, the VMware GemStone team maintains its own Maven repository.

For the latest versions of SQLFire and GemFire dependencies simply integrate the GemStone repository into your pom.xml:

   <name>Release bundles for SQLFire and GemFire</name>

and define the necessary dependency, in this case SQLFire:


Hope this helps.

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Mark Chmarny

About Mark Chmarny

During his 15+ year career, Mark Chmarny has worked across various industries. Most recently, as a Cloud Architect at EMC, Mark developed numerous Cloud Computing solutions for both Service Provider and Enterprise customers. As a Data Solution Evangelist at VMware, Mark works in the Cloud Application Platform group where he is actively engaged in defining new approaches to distributed data management for Cloud-scale applications. Mark received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Technical University in Vienna, Austria and a BA in Communication Arts from Multnomah University in Portland, OR.

8 thoughts on “How to integrate SQLFire into your Maven project

  1. Kashyap

    In sqlfireclient-1.0.2.pom groupid is set to com.vmware. When I use gradle (which internally uses maven) to download sqlfireclient bits it fails with this error:
    > Could not resolve group:com.vmware.sqlfire, module:sqlfireclient, version:1.0.2.
    Required by:
    > java.text.ParseException: inconsistent module descriptor file found in ‘org.gradle.api.internal.externalresource.LocallyAvailableExternalResource@52052438′: bad organisation: expected=’com.vmware.sqlfire’ found=’com.vmware’;

  2. Kashyap

    I have this for gradle dependency:
    compile “com.vmware.sqlfire:sqlfireclient:1.0.2”
    You can see that in the failure message:
    >Could not resolve group:com.vmware.sqlfire, module:sqlfireclient, version:1.0.2.
    I think sqlfire’s pom.xml needs to change groupid from com.vmware to com.vmware.sqlfire.

  3. Wayne Lund

    I tried to use the pom set to sqlfireclient-1.0.3 but it doesn’t seem to have been loaded into the repo. When’s the repo going to be updated?

  4. Wayne Lund

    Just checking on my last post on sqlfireclient-1.0.3. I can’t find it in a maven repo and I’m trying to check code into spring-batch-samples that include the latest sqlfireclient jars.


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