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Application Modeling in vFabric Application Director

In this video, R&D Manager Matthew Ford demonstrates for application architects and administrators  how easy it can be to do real-time application modeling with the vFabric Application Director.  Application Director supports a streamlined process to define the logical structure of virtual machines, operating systems, software, and components and create a comprehensive, graphical application model, called a blueprint.  Complete with dependency management and custom configuration, once the application blueprint is complete, the system automatically provisions the infrastructure and applications across any VMware vCloud Director registered cloud service, including public cloud services as well as private cloud infrastructures. 

In this demo, Matthew demonstrates how application modeling in Application Director works, including:

  • Using a drag and drop interface to create deployment topologies called blueprints
  • Creating predefined applications using sample data
  • Adding VMs, OS configurations, tc Server, applications components (WAR, JAR, etc.), and services like MySQL or Apache
  • Creating clusters, add load balancing, configure vCPUs, and adjust memory allocation
  • Defining installer locations, paths, and commands
  • Binding properties to customize an install script by inheriting values from other components or VMs
  • Creating dependencies between tiers



About the Author: Matthew Ford has been with VMware engineering for 6 years, and is presently a R&D Manager working on VMware Application Director. Prior to working on Application Director project, Ford also worked on VMware Studio.  Ford came to VMware from Schweitzer Engineering Labs.


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