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Application Director in 5 Minutes

The Problem

As architects, developers of software, and managers of IT infrastructure, we spend quite a bit of time (and often frustration) installing operating systems, setting up applications and components, and configuring them. These activities can be time consuming, tedious, manual, and error prone.

Application Director's Purpose and Key Concepts

Enter VMware vFabric Application Director. The key purpose for Application Director is to automate the provisioning of infrastructure and applications so it happens faster, with fewer errors, and with less headache. If you’ve ever used a standard catalog of parts, you’ll get the idea immediately because Application Director stores information in a visual representation called a blueprint. What’s in a blueprint? Basically, a blueprint includes everything you would use to build, configure, and deploy a server or group of servers to build out your application. Blueprints define all the components like the operating system, virtual machine templates, web server, application server, database server, monitoring software, packaged software, EAR, SQL, or WAR, etc.  All these components are available to drag and drop onto your blueprint’s canvas from a standard catalog. Once the core building blocks are in place on your blueprint, you can further tailor your application build plan by including dependencies, policies, and configurations.

About the Demo


This SlideRocket demo will show you three important parts of building an application:

  1. Building the blueprint is intuitive and takes just minutes using drag and drop capabilities.
  2. Incorporating management capabilities, such as the vFabric Application Performance Manager (APM) agent takes just seconds using the pre-populated catalog service.
  3. Deploying the blueprint to be provisioned on your target servers is as fast as just one click. 

If we want another server deployed, we just re-use the blueprint, add the new server, add any dependencies, and redeploy the improved application infrastructure in minutes (instead of hours or days)! 

On the last step, it’s worth noting that deployment profiles logically separate the description of the deployment environment from the components and servers.  This way we can do things like apply the same blueprint across different public and/or private clouds without having to rearchitect the application blueprint.

View the Demo



About the Author: Eitan Gayor has been with VMware for over four years. He joined the company following the acquisition of B-hive networks. Eitan is part of the Application Performance Manager product team, and his specialty and expertise focuses on the VMware vFabric product line. In his career, he has worked as a Project Manager, Consultant and Team Leader for a variety of companies including, Jacada, Emblaze, Sungard, B-hive networks, and more. 

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