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Love data? The SQLFire and GemFire teams are hiring.

HelpwantedThere's a lot of change underway in data. It's become clear that traditional database systems are not going to survive the transitionto cloud and fundamental changes are needed. Databases need to offer tunable consistency to have any hope of dealing with web scale.Databases need to handle geographic distribution effortlessly. Databases need to offer more flexible data models that support agile development. Databases can't be tied to purely physical consumption models.

VMware sees these new data programming and consumption models as very important to VMware's overall mission of simplifying IT.

VMware's got a lot going on in data, you might have heard of vFabric Data Director or vFabric Postgres. These are just a few of the many data projects VMware has in the works.

This blog focuses on SQLFire, a memory-optimized distributed SQL database, which today embodies some of these needed changes withmore on the way. VMware also has GemFire, a memory-optimized distributed key/value store. For many years GemFire has been the solution to some of the world's most challenging data problems, particularly when it comes to speed and low latency. (If you peek under the covers you'll see that SQLFire is built using GemFire technology and shares a lot of its great qualities.)

When it comes to GemFire and SQLFire, we're focused on high-performance transactional databases that are linearly scalable and globally distributed. We're looking for top talent to join us on our SQLFire / GemFire teams and join us on our journey to data in the cloud.


We need talented developers, particularly those with deep Java, database or distributed systems backgrounds. See our job site for more details on GemFire jobs or SQLFire jobs. We're looking for people in a number of areas, including Beaverton/Portland, The Bay Area, and in Pune, India. It's your opportunity to work with a great team who builds amazing and disruptive technology, and in a great company on top of that.

Technical Evangelism

Love building demos? Can you write a great blog? Love travelling the world, meeting interesting people and talking about querying and horizontal scaling with them? Let's talk. See our job description for more details. If this sounds like a perfect fit for you, email me at cshanklin@vmware.com or our friendly recruiter bronsone@vmware.com.

Product Management

VMware's commitment level is high and our slate is pretty clean. It's a perfect opportunity for a product manager with great ideas about how data ought to work. Check out our job description and if that sounds like you, email me at cshanklin@vmware.com or bronsone@vmware.com.

Hoping to hear from you!

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