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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Community Plugin Repository for Spring Insight

Mongodb-collection-insertThe Insight team is happy to announce that we are knee deep into moving all plugin development to GitHub.

Check it out at:


We are filling up the repo with a lot of inside knowledge on plugin development. With the release of Insight Operations and AppInsight we have really started ramping this up. While our plugins have always been open source (under ASL 2.0 ) we never provided an easy path for folks to contribute. All of these plugins are integrated in with our build and will be released as part of a Insight 1.7+ release.


New Plugins:

  • MongoDB – by Stephen Harrison
  • Spring Integration – by Gary Russell
  • Redis – Supports Spring Data Redis and Jedis!
  • RabbitMQ – Adds rabbit endpoints!
  • all other plugins as soon I get to them ( mostly it’s just changing poms around )

 These plugins can be used as a starting point for your own plugin. Take a look at the plugin samples in:


When I develop a plugin I normally copy an existing plugin as a template and hack on it as I browse the target API I want to instrument. I use the Insight Developer Edition to iterate on a plugin with a real application. If you have questions go ahead and ping us at insight [at] vmware [dot] com.


To get the word out about plugin development Gary Russell and I will be doing a talk next week at SpringOne2GX. Gary did the spring-integration plugin and I’ll cover some of the nitty gritty details, such as how to cache Insight Operations. If you are going to Chicago make sure to check it out! I’ll see if I can post the video afterwards. We may even have a few surprises to announce at SpringOne 😉

Happy Forking…